Tuesday, January 04, 2005

And So It Begins . . .

This is the first post of the China e-Lobby blog, the next phase in the China e-Lobby.

With this blog, the previous newsletters: Updates, Week's Links, and Northern Korea Reports, will come to an end (except for the 1/5 Update and the 1/7 Week's Links, which will be the last). I have several reasons for why I believe this blog will be an improvement over the newsletters (note: non-newsletter pages, plus all past newsletters, will still be available through the China e-Lobby website.

For starters, a blog can be updated every day, allowing for faster transmit of information than the weekly newsletters. Also, the newsletters were becoming crammed with so much information that much of the information was buried deep in them that, in my humble opinion, deserved greater focus. The blog will, at least in part, rectify that concern. Finally, the blog will provide more felixibility to yours truly, which in turn means information can reach the general public (and, of course, regular followers of the blog), that much sooner.

I want to make one thing very clear, the information to which everyone has become accustomed in the three newsletters will not disappear, or be replaced by my rants and raves. That would not be fair to those who have been loyal supporters of the China e-Lobby during the last five years, and the many people and organizations with which we have relationships. This blog's purpose is to make said information more readily available, and with less age. This is not the end of the China e-Lobby (as you may have already noticed from the blog's title). It is, as I said above, the next phase, one I hope will bring greater success to all of us working to build an anti-Communist political coalition in America and to help the Chinese people free themselves from the largest, bloodiest, cruelest, and most dangerous criminal enterprise on earth: the Chinese Communist Party.

Thanks once more to all of those who have supported us, and I hope will continue to support us.

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Grim said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. It's a pleasure to link to you.