Monday, February 28, 2005

News of the Day (February 28)

Communist China’s power continues to grow: Communist China is using its rapid economic growth to project its power in Asia – much to the concern of the neighbors. Retiring Admiral Thomas Fargo (Washington Times) and Japan (Washington Post) and other Asian nations are getting increasingly worried. As Abdul Razak Baginda of the Malaysian Strategic Research Center put it, "We have to accept some degree of Chinese leadership, particularly in light of the lack of leadership elsewhere" (emphasis added).

Meanwhile, the Communists released report claiming that its economy was “about 100 years” (Taiwan’s Central News Agency via Epoch Times) behind that of the U.S. While this could be an attempt to play the put-upon nationalist card, or lull outsiders into a false sense of security, the fact that such an economy can still manage to close that gap with the U.S. on military matters is deeply troubling, but a critical indicator of how determined the Communists are to expand their geopolitical power no matter what the consequences.

Japan’s new support of Taiwan continues to make waves: Speaking of Japan, its “de facto alliance” (Time Asia) with the island democracy of Taiwan is still reverberating and leading many to believe Japan is looking to flex its muscles in Asia. Among those not pleased was ex-Congressman and Newsmax columnist John LeBoutillier: “Why is Japan suddenly butting into the Taiwanese affair?” Gee, John, perhaps because we asked them to do so? The Singapore Times was similarly nervous (via Washington Times).

“Anti-secession” law opposed by Taiwanese, ignored by Clinton: Supporters of formal independence for Taiwan “have launched a campaign to highlight public opposition to plans by China to introduce an anti-secession law” (BBC). Many in the island democracy “fear it could provide Beijing with the legal basis for an attack on the island.” Former President Bill Clinton, who visited elected President Chen Shui-bian, made no mention of the “law” as he preached avoiding “destructive patterns” (BBC) and publicly rebuked his hosts with his vocal support for the idiotic “one China” policy.

Then there’s Europe: Michael Elliot, Time Asia, examines the European Union’s plans to lift its arms embargo against Communist China, and wonders – what is Europe thinking? Nils Blythe, BBC, stumbles upon the answer while accompanying British Chancellor Gordon Brown, who completely missed “the ‘other’ China” where “600 million people . . . survive on less than about two dollars a day.”

Nine Commentaries spawn over 45,000 resignations from CCP: The Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party has led to 40,000 party members and over 5,000 Youth League members resigning in response. Report: Epoch Times

Communist China may move against baby gender detections: Communist China’s rubber-stamp parliament is planning “to make it a crime for doctors to detect an unborn baby's sex for nonmedical reasons, in a bid to combat the abortion of female fetuses” (Washington Post). No move was made against the primary culprit of the dangerous lack of girls in Communist China – namely, the cadres’ hideous “one child” policy.

Tung Chee-hwa rejoins “advisory body”: The leader of Hong Kong left the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference – another rubber stamp motley crew of cadres when a Communist-appointed panel “elected” him to his post in 1997. Report: BBC

Falun Gong case against Jiang Zemin reaches Supreme Court: The suit practitioners filed against the former leader of Communist China and author of the brutal crackdown against that community of faith may be heard later this spring. Report: Epoch Times


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