Thursday, March 17, 2005

News of the Day (March 17)

Rebiya Kadeer freed: Rebiya Kadeer, one of the most prominent Uighur activists imprisoned by Communist China, was set free “for medical treatment in the US” (BBC). Kadeer was arrested and sent to jail for “endangering state security” (BBC), i.e., trying to send newspaper reports about the Uighur community to the U.S. The Uighurs – the leading ethnic group in East Turkestan before and after it was invaded by the Communists in 1949 – have suffered brutally under the fifty-plus-year occupation.

U.S. won’t push anti-Communist resolution in UN: On a more depressing front, the U.S. “said it would not seek to censure China at the annual meeting of the UN commission on human rights in Geneva” (BBC). The Bush Administration cited unspecified “progress in some of the things that we have been working on.”

Nine Commentaries broadcast reached eight provinces: Eight provincial and six satellite television stations in Communist China had their programming interrupted by “with broadcasts about The Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party.” Zhao Zifa, Epoch Times, finds one very pleased viewer.

On the 300,000 resignations from the CCP: Feng Changle, Epoch Times, talks to some of the 300,000 who have resigned from the Party; the paper reprinted resignations from Vietnam Party organizations, apparently inspired by the Nine Commentaries.

More commentary on Communist China: Thomas Olivier, Epoch Times, has harsh words for the Communist “anti-secession law.” Kati Molnar, also from the Epoch Times, examines Hong Kong’s recent past, and absently ponders its future.

Defectors from Stalinist North Korea tell their stories: A number of defectors from Stalinist North Korea spoke of the terrible, brutal behavior of the Kim Jong-il regime. They also detailed Communist China’s sickening treatment of SNK refugees. The cadres send back any refugee they find, forcing escapees to live as nonpersons and, in the case of many women, sex slaves. Report: Voice of America via Epoch Times

Stalinist North Korean kicks out United Nations: The Kim Jong-il regime told the United Nations Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs that it was no longer needed in the Stalinist North. The Stalinists are only interested in “development assistance such as machinery for agriculture” (Washington Times), not prying eyes that might object to the regime’s history of stealing food from its own people (fifth item).

U.S. missile defense deployed with SNK in mind: The nearly operational American missile defense system, which “could be switched on during an emergency situation” (World Net Daily), is ready to handle “an attack out of Northeast Asia” (read: SNK), according to its commander, Major General John Holly.

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