Thursday, September 22, 2005

News of the Day (September 22)

State Department No. 2 blows hot and cold on Communist China: Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick, in a speech to the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, gave some of the harshest criticism of the cadres to come from an American official for quite some time. Zoellick demanded the Communists “openly explain its defense spending, intentions, doctrine and military exercises to ease concerns about its rapid military buildup” (Washington Post), end their “increasing signs of mercantilism,” fight counterfeiting, and drop plans to “‘maneuver toward a predominance of power’ in Asia.” Additionally, he also called on the Communists to open up their politics, saying the Communist regime was “simply not sustainable” as is. Yet, for all of that (and it is quite considerable), Zoellick’s speech was not without some stumbles. He echoed the silly notion that Communist China is not trying to reshape the globe to its advantage – perhaps if he read this he might reconsider – and maddeningly chose to “praise the ‘constructive’ role China has played in shepherding international talks on nuclear disarmament in North Korea” (Newsmax). Will they never learn?

Stalinist North Korea repeats assertion U.S. is planning attack: Speaking of Stalinist North Korea, the regime’s Korean Central News Agency accused the United States of “planning a pre-emptive nuclear attack on the country” (United Press International via Washington Times). Meanwhile, the regional press was taking stock of the overhyped deal, and after wading through the Communist mouthpieces, one finds the Enlightened Comment of the Day from Taiwan’s China Times (quoted by the BBC).

More on SNK: Friendly Blog One Free Korea has an excellent post on famine’s return to Stalinist North Korea, and the alarming lack of concern from the rest of the world.

Does Paul Martin know what his own government is doing? As Canadian rights activists lamented the deportation of Falun Gong practitioner Xiaoping Hu to Communist China – and try desperately to keep Canada’s Immigration Ministry from condemning fellow practitioners Fang Yaobin and Xiong Fengying to the same fate – Prime Minister Paul Martin chose to deny reality: “I can tell you that we are not in the process of deporting Falun Gong practitioners” (Epoch Times). I open the question to our Canadian readers: is Martin completely oblivious to what’s happening, or just a bald-faced liar?

On Communist China and Latin America: Bill Rodgers, Voice of America, examines the Communist regime’s ominously increasing ties in Central and South America.

Echo chamber moment: The Epoch Times reprints my analysis of Hu Jintao (original).


Robert McClelland said...

"I open the question to our Canadian readers: is Martin completely oblivious to what’s happening, or just a bald-faced liar?

Do you seriously believe Martin should know everything that is going on in this country? This is the first I've heard of this and I follow the news, via mainstream and alternative sources, every day.

Anonymous said...

Hey DJ, are you going to tell your readers about our own "black budget" in military spending? It is estimated our "black budget" alone exceeds China's entire military budget.

So if we feel that we have the right to not fully disclose our military spending, how come we are faulting others for doing the same thing?

And what military expansion? China's ICBM is the same as it was in the 80's when it initially deployed - missiles sit in silos unfueled, with war head removed and put in storage. Compare that with us running B-52 bombers loaded with live nukes non-stop off Alaska.

They trust us more than their own military, how ironic.

djb said...

Paul Martin is a bald faced liar.

Anonymous said...

Paul Martin is a liar. Please visit the websites of primetimecrime and Canadafreepress for details of his ties with the Communist China.

It's normal for police to be armed. People worry when thugs carry guns and Communists are thugs.

DJ, It seems that the 'daily' anon is a hired hand, very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Havent they recently acquired a few aircraft carriers?
The minsk I believe

Anonymous said...

"a few"? Care to cite your source?

I've heard Ukrain sold a carrier that was gutted to China as unrepariable scrap. The hull was then turned into a floathing theme park/casino that needs to be barged around with 3 tug boats:

Is this what your talking about? WMD for sure!

(And to the other anon: are you paied to know who's hired hand? See I can talk smack too.)

Come on, people, have you no common sense? Don't just turn off critical thinking and slop up anti-China propaganda like you're told.

Anonymous said...

"Minsk World", the next feared destination after Gitmo and Abu Gahraib:

Watch Russian dancers torture you with "local conditions & customs".

8-) (come on...)