Wednesday, December 07, 2005

News of the Day (December 7)

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: One Free Korea guest blogger Andy Jackson calls for the resignation of South Korea’s dovish Unification Minister Chung Dong-young. Meanwhile, U.S. ambassador to South Korea Alexander Vershbow dubbed the cadres’ would be colony “a criminal regime” (BBC) due to its counterfeiting (last item).

From the Falun Gong War – another victim speaks: Liu Jizhi, one of the Falun Gong practitioners who was raped at the Dongchengfang police station in Hebei Province (third item), tells her story in an open letter to the Epoch Times (as one would expect, the letter is not for children to read). Horrifying crimes such as this make one marvel at the strength and perseverance of the victims, and wonder why Australia is trying to keep practitioners from protesting at the Communist embassy in Canberra (Epoch Times).

Vice-Mayor of Jilin, home to “China’s Katrina,” found dead: Wang Wei, Vice Mayor of Jilin, “was found on Tuesday at his home” (BBC), dead. Wang was the source of this quote on the Petrochina explosion in Jilin that polluted in the Songhua River (seventh, fourth, ninth, fourth, fourth, fifth, fourth, and fifth items), “It will not cause large-scale pollution.” Meanwhile, Newsweek’s Melinda Liu (author of the Katrina reference) finds the incident a telltale sign of the Communists willingness to destroy their ecology to pad economic statistics. Xiang Ling and Hauxia Dianzi Bao, Epoch Times, find that in this disaster and the bird flu cover-up (eighth and eleventh items) Communist China “harmed not only its own environment but also other countries in the world.”

Another human bird flu case: Speaking of bird flu, Communist China admitted the existence of another human case, this one in Guangxi Province (Epoch Times, BBC).

ZTE inks two more deals: ZTE, one of the Communist firms that were caught helping Saddam Hussein integrate his air defense network, singed a research and development deal with France Telecom (United Press Int’l via Washington Times) and a Code Division Multiple Access upgrade deal with Telecom Egypt (UPI via Washington Times).

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Today’s winner is Steven W. Mosher, author of Hegemon: China's Plan To Dominate Asia and the World, for his terrific historical account of the brutal Mao Zedong in Front Page Magazine.

On the late Liu Binyan: Time Asia reran this 2003 column by Perry Link on the life of Liu Binyan, the ex-Communist who became a leading critic of the Party – for which he was imprisoned and exiled. Liu died earlier this week; we continue to mourn his passing.

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