Friday, January 23, 2009

The key point

Dan Twining in a very good summary of the latest white paper from the Communist military (Shadow Government, h/t Weekly Standard blog) says in one sentence what I have (in part) been trying to say for almost nine years: "This white paper is a useful reminder that China’s is the only military in the world explicitly training and equipping to fight the United States."

How long before our leaders face what this means?


~Zurama~ said...

An award in waiting for you on "Sunrise in Havana". You may drop by and take it with you, when you wish.

Congratulations! :)

Charles said...

John said it two thousand years ago that the beast coming out the earth spoke like a dragon and the number of it name is 666.

"Chinese Communist" written in Chinese is 华 共 产, 6 strokes each character to render 666; and the Regime has been promoting among its slaves that China is a dragon nation.)