Saturday, February 21, 2009

Facebook and Hutchison-Whampoa

The previous post is a link to a news story on MSNBC about Facebook, in which entities from Communist China have a significant investment. For example, the Chairman of Hutchison-Whampoa, whose holdings include ports around the world, has invested at least two-hundred million in the social network.

The Chairman:

The container ports on both the Atlantic and the Pacific sides of the Panama Canal, along with many others, are listed on their website. Oh well, the Panama Canal has no strategic value anymore, right?

The ports they own in the Americas are here:

Reading all of this would lead a person to conclude that money will buy anything, and that the spiritual fire of the Americas, and its citizen-warriors' uncomprising intellect in service to truth, have been in a coma for awhile.

I think we're awake now, don't you?

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