Thursday, March 05, 2009

Will Wall Street FINALLY get it now?

From CNN Money, detailing the latest bloodletting in the financial markets (emphasis added):

Stocks plunged to fresh 12-year lows Thursday as investors waded through more grim news: GM said its survival is in doubt, bank shares took a beating and Citigroup fell below a buck.

Adding to the global woes: China defied expectations by failing to boost its economic stimulus program.



Charles said...

The CCP would of course stay put to let the free world bleed to death because its "useful idiots" have proved how useful they are when they began talking about "Global New Deal" a few days ago at the White House.

Democracy turns out to be bad when the evil left lay its hand on it.

peter said...

I am afraid the western world, as a whole, will never get it until this whole thing is over. And for now, we seem to be busy with fixing the economy first, while it should in fact be the other way around.

I do appreciate your blog a lot and always check by to see if you wrote something. Thanks!