Friday, May 05, 2006

News of the Day (May 5)

South of the border, it's Cinco de Mayo again, which means another opportunity to mention the wounds Communist China is inflicting on the Mexican economy (eighth item, seventeenth item), and how it impacts the border issue.

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: China Intel rails against the Administration's shoddy treatment of Taiwan's elected President (see also Cybercast News, eighth item, and fourth item). The Korea Liberator takes aim at more South Korean dovishness, has terrific news on Korean refugees (the first ones to be granted asylum in America are on their way), recommends a Marcus Noland piece, relays a Human Rights Watch warning about the return of famine to Stalinist North Korea, aggregates the rest of the latest SNK news, and laments the warblings of another "engagement" supporter vis a vis Communist China.

More on the satellite regimes: Daily NK looks at U.S. policy on the Communists' Korean colony and sees slow-motion regime change (we can only hope they're right!). Meanwhile, Kari Huus (MSNBC) examines Communist China's ties to the mullahcracy of Iran, and other "global pariahs" (cite quotes, not scare quotes); link courtesy of the long-suffering Mrs. China e-Lobby.

Dr. Wang says CNN told her to keep quiet about organ harvesting: The Good Doctor (third and second, fourth, third, and fourth items) informed Newsmax columnist Barry Farber that CNN "actually told me - there will be no discussion about the organs . . . because it was dinner time."

Has Amnesty International shifted away from Communist China to focus solely on the U.S.? Alex Svetlicinii of Capital Research Center asks that question, and tells Cybercast News the answer is Yes. However, the Hudson Institute appears more than willing to pick up the slack (Washington Times).

If Svetlicinii is right, will the Democrats follow AI? Judging by this statement from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the answer to that question, thankfully, is No.

Vatican excommunicates Communist-appointed bishops: The Holy See makes it abundantly clear just how upset it is at the Communist regime's attempt to put itself between believers and their God (Cybercast News, see als0 lead, second, and third items).

Tiananmen Mothers founder calls for unconditional massacre victims' compensation: Ding Zilin made the call as it was reported that the hardship assistance money paid to the mother of one of the June 4 victims (tenth item) came with a condition: that she drop her lawsuit against the regime for killing her son (Epoch Times).

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