Tuesday, May 09, 2006

News of the Day (May 9)

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: The Korea Liberator comments on the latest Kaesong silliness, growing defector frustration at the dovish South, and a rare ray of hope from the National Human Rights Commission (they also have the latest news).

More on the Communists' Korean colony: Daily NK examines the potential repercussions of America's acceptance of refugees from Stalinist North Korea.

Communist China demands Albania repatriate Uighur refugees: Well, that didn't take long. The Communist regime "demanded the return of five Chinese Muslims resettled by the US in Albania after release from the Guantanamo Bay detention centre" (BBC, see also fifth item). The Communists insisted the five were part of an "East Turkestan group" (the regime has apparently decided to stop creating names for them).

Canada file: Former MP David Kilgour announced the formation of "investigation into allegations that the Chinese communist regime is extracting and selling the organs of thousands of live Falun Gong practitioners and then killing the victims" (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, Kevin Steel, Western Standard, interviewed Communist China's favorite Canadian - Maurice Strong.

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Sonya Bryskine, Epoch Times, examines what the Communist regime really thinks of the Vatican. Japan will try once again to resolve its East China Sea gas dispute with the Communists (BBC). The regime is looking to make its mark on the United Nations Human Rights Council (Cybercast News). Joseph Contreras dismisses, and then acknowledges, the danger Communist China poses to Mexico's economy in a somewhat confusing Newsweek piece.

Dr. Wang asks for Gao Zhisheng's help in her court case: The human rights attorney (sixth, tenth, fifth, lead, third, last, twelfth, eighth, third, second, third, eighth, eleventh, eighth, fourth, fourth, last, fourth, fifth, twelfth, fifth, second, lead, next to last, seventh, last, next to last, lead, second, last, sixth, tenth, eighth, second, eighth, ninth, lead, sixth, eighth, seventh, fifth, fourth, last, fifth, seventh, next to last, fourth, last, twenty-first, twenty-second, seventh, fourth, sixth, and fourth items) was happy to help the Good Doctor (third and second, fourth, third, fourth, third, and fourth items), but for obvious reasons there is little he can do (Epoch Times).

More on organ "donations": The chair of the ethics committee of the British Transplantation Society ripped Communist China's practice of extracting organs from executed prisoners as "unethical" and "distasteful" (Epoch Times).

Central Military Commission to give all "overseas" religions the Falun Gong treatment: According, to an unnamed military doctor from Shenyang (third and third items), the CMC - which holds the real power in Communist China - "announced for the first time that those ardent Christian, Catholic, Islamic, and Orthodox followers outside the government control will be treated the same way as Falun Gong followers" (Epoch Times).

More on human rights abuses in Communist China: Four activists stepped forward to tell the Hudson Institute and the Congressional Human Rights Caucus about abuses by the Communists (Epoch Times). Allahpundit approvingly notes of another weapon in the battle against the Great Red Firewall (Hot Air). Not even language is safe from the Communists, as the Central News Agency (via Epoch Times) notes.

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