Friday, November 17, 2006

News of the Day (November 17)

Harper gets his Hu meeting without caving, and wins praise at home in the process: Communist China has decided to "resume bilateral meetings with Canada" (Epoch Times), standing down from its previous policy of ignoring Prime Minister Stephen Harper and hoping he went away (second item). Harper, meanwhile, continued to call the Communists to the carpet on their brutal treatment of their own people and Huseyin Celil, for which he earned widespread praise (Andrew Coyne, CFRA poll, Small Dead Animals, and Toronto Sun).

More news from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting: President Bush talks trade and Stalinist North Korea (Washington Post); Communist boss Hu Jintao called for more investment in Asia "with no strings attached" (BBC) - in other words, don't bother us with pesky concerns like an oversized military (MSNBC), 900 missiles pointed at Taiwan (World Tribune), "organ tourism" (London Telegraph via Washington Times), and continuing brutality against the Chinese people (BBC, Epoch Times, and Little Red Blog).

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Arnaud de Borchgrave (Washington Times) writes hundreds of words on Communist China, "futurologists," and energy without making a single salient point.

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Pingping Yu (Epoch Times) provides the evidence against Dr. Margaret Chan that the World Health Organization either missed or refused to see. Simon Elegant (Time) has a column that will make 2008 Olympians choke, literally.

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Between Heaven and Earth has respective posts on the new U.S. Congress, the Wang Pengfei affair (third item), and the latest organ harvesting outrage. Meanwhile, One Free Korea has respective posts on a South Korean would-be terrorist, the merits of liberating North Korea, and more South Korean dovish silliness.

More on the Communists' Korean colony: Daily NK examines South Korea's decision to support the UN anti-SNK human rights resolution. France interdicts a North Korean vessel in the Indian Ocean (BBC).

On the Communist-backed mullahcracy of Iran: A former ambassador for the mullahs is caught trying to acquire military gear for Hezbollah (Newsweek via MSNBC).

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