Tuesday, July 11, 2006

China Freedom Blog Alliance Update (July 11)

First of all, the China e-Lobby mourns the lives lost in India to this morning's terrorist attacks (BBC, National Review Online). Just in case anyone forgot, the likely suspects as of this afternoon - Lashkar-e-Tayyiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed (CNN) - are terrorist groups that have received support from Pakistan (seventh and lead items), a near-sixty-year ally of you-know-whom.

Meanwhile, the source file for the News of the Day went south for the winter, so in the interests of brevity (and to prevent whatever data zinged the file from messing anything else up), it's been truncated to cover what's new in the China Freedom Blog Alliance.

Between Heavean and Earth: A new witness has come forward on organ harvesting, and the Kilgour-Matas team respond to the Communist smear against them.

The Korea Liberator: First up is their reaction to the reports on Stalinist North Korea's chemical testing on political prisoners. Do they know we had this weeks ago (second item)?. Of course, there is also quite a bit on the Stalinist missile launch and the sickeningly weak world reaction (Japan excepted), plus South Korean political news, SNK economic news. However, the best TKL post is this detailed history of anti-Stalinist resistance in the Communists' Korean colony.

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