Thursday, December 28, 2006

News of the Day (December 28)

Communist China building up its Navy: CFBA member Shaun Kenney explanation ("to invade Taiwan, er, protect shipping lanes") is priceless.

More from the China Freedom Blog Alliance: One Free Korea, in respective posts, comments on the latest political machinations in South Korea's dovish left, and laments the repatriation of a military officer who apparently escaped from Communist China's Korean colony.

Incoming Congress may penalize Communist-run oil firm for $16 billion deal with Iran: Both parties' lead members on the House International Relations Committee - incoming Democratic Chairman Tom Lantos and incoming Republican ranking member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen - called for penalties against China National Offshore Oil Corporation's "proposed $16 billion deal" with the Communist-backed mullahcracy of Iran. A 1996 law "prohibits foreign firms that invest more than $10 million in Iran's energy sector from raising capital in American financial markets" (New York Sun).

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Several U.S. Senators are calling for the Bush Administration to reach out to the lead Communist proxies in the Middle East (Iran and Syria). One of them is Arlen Specter. Michael Rubin wins today's prize for taking Specter to task (Philadelphia Inqurier).

More on the Middle Eastern Proxies: The mullahcractic legislature fired a shot across the bow of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Daily Times, Pakistan). Steve Janke asks if the Iranian nuclear problem "is going to solve itself" - and wisely concludes it won't.

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