Wednesday, December 06, 2006

News of the Day (December 6)

Duncan Hunter campaigns in South Carolina: The man who must be president visited Charleston Southern University in the Palmetto State, and dispensed some important wisdom: "China is stepping into the superpower shoes that were vacated by the Soviet Union" (San Diego Union-Tribune - emphasis added). Meanwhile, Hunter was quasi-endorsed by World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah.

From China Freedom Blog Alliance (welcome, Curry Kenworthy!): One Free Korea gives cautious approval to Defense Secretary-designate Robert Gates, tracks the latest tea leaves on Kim Jong-il, and has the latest South Korean silliness.

Rallies for Korean refugees in Communist China held around the world: Over the weekend, Communist Chinese Embassies in Japan, Belgium, Britain, Germany, South Korea, and the United States witnessed protests against Beijing's forced repatriation of refugees from Stalinist North Korea (Daily NK).

More on Communist China's Korean colony: Analyst ponder the fate of future six-party nuclear talks (Daily NK and United Press Int'l via Washington Times). Kim Jong-il throws a few Stalinists under the bus to build a "pretext for famine and failed agricultural policy" (Daily NK). Hwang Jang Yop discusses Stalinist North Korean plans to absorb South Korea - yes, you read that right (Daily NK).

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Wendy McElroy (Fox News) suffers intimidation while on a quasi-journalistic visit to Beijing, then responds with a textbook case of Battered Journalist Syndrome.

More on matters inside Communist China: European Parliament Vice President Edward McMillan-Scott speaks on the human rights abuses he discovered in Communist China (Epoch Times). Dr. Cheng Xiaonong spoke on how economic development won't pacify the Chinese people (Epoch Times). A man soon to lose his home in a Beijing land seizure commits suicide in protest (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times).

Two other maddening pieces, these on Communist China and terrorism: Congressman Ed Royce is one of the few people to speak the truth on Communist China: "The Pakistani nuclear weapons program would be far less advanced without Chinese backing. The same is true for Iran and North Korea" (Washington Times). Then he follows it up with a full retreat into naivete on Communist China's support for terrorists. Meanwhile, Andrew C. McCarthy (National Review Online) does an excellent job on how the Middle Eastern Proxies are allied against us, but says nothing on their common benefactor - the Chinese Communist Party.

More on the Communist China and the rest of the world: An unnamed Interfax piece (cited by Taiwan Security Research) reveals the Communist regime's international persecution complex. The wife of a Falun Gong practitioner jailed in Singapore talks to the Epoch Times about her husband's plight.

Iran (Middle Eastern Proxy Number One) stakes its claim over the rest of the Middle East: The mullahcracy is pushing the United States to leave not just Iraq, but the entire region (Washington Post), and is ready to become the lead power in the Middle East (Worldwide Standard). Sadly, Washington still doesn't get it, whether it's Iran itself (Macleans and New York Post) or its Syrian ally (Washington Post). Meanwhile, the mullahs' Lebanese arm (Hezbollah) continued its effort to topple the elected government there (Washington Post via MSNBC), even as the terrorist group's use of civilian "human shields" was exposed (Washington Times). UPDATE: The Iranian people, however, have other objectives, such as taking their country back from the criminal Khomeinist regime (Spirit of Man).

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