Sunday, September 23, 2007

As I was saying before I was interrupted

The last time I posted here (June 7), I briefly explained why I needed to step back from the blogosphere and reassess things. That reassessment is still ongoing, but large parts of it have been completed, and I can now contemplate a reduced presence in the blogosphere.

With the arrival of CWF, I feel I no longer need to resume the News of the Day posts. In fact, my posts here will be far less frequent than at my catch-all political blog: the right-wing liberal (note to Canadian readers: that is not a reference to any political Liberal party in Canada, federal or provincial - not even in BC, where I would prefer someone bring back the old Socred Party, nor Quebec, where I support Mario Dumont's ADQ).

Still, the threat from Communist China has not gone away, nor will it escape my vision. I'll just be more analytical, and my posts will take the "long view."

So while I cannot be what I once was, I haven't gone away either.

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