Sunday, September 30, 2007

Open letter to the CFIUS on Huawei Technologies' attempt to partially buy out 3Com

I sent the following letter to Ms. Gay Hartwell Sills, Staff Chair of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, asking the Committee to reject the Huawei Technologies-Bain Capital deal to buy out 3Com.
D.J. McGuire
China e-Lobby
Ms. Gay Hartwell Sills
Staff Chair
Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States ("CFIUS")
Office of International Investment
Department of Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Room 4201 NY
Washington, DC 20220
Dear Ms. Sills,
As I'm sure you are aware, Huawei Technologies has just entered into an agreement with Bain Capital to acquire 3Com, a leading information technology firm that, among other things, helps the Department of Defense ward off cyber-attacks from hostile forces and nations. While Huawei will only acquire a minority stake, to have partial ownership of 3Com by a Communist-controlled corporation is dangerous, and Huawei, in particular, especially dangerous. I humbly ask that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States reject any acquisition of 3Com that involves Huawei.
Huawei Technologies is a danger to the United States not only because it is a company from Communist China - and thus under the control of the Party even if its ownership is ostensibly "private" - but also because it has been one of the leading enablers of terrorism on the planet. In 2001, Huawei was exposed as one of the Communist Chinese firms building an Iraqi fiber-optic network that would have enabled Saddam Hussein to integrate his air-defense system. The firm was also involved in building a telephone network for the Taliban in Afghanistan, while the terrorist group was sheltering and aiding Osama bin Laden.
Communist China itself has an ever more detailed history of aiding our enemies in the Global War on Terror - including Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, and al Qaeda - so Huawei's recent actions suggest not a deviation from Communist Party policy, but its fulfillment.
I'm sure Huawei will offer to accept constraints on what it can and cannot access from 3Com. However, the Communist regime and its corporations have a history of violating agreements and pledges, so any deal to which Huawei agrees is questionable, at best.
The reality is, Huawei's history disqualifies it from any role with a firm as sensitive as 3Com. For this reason, I do not believe any deal involving Huawei should be approved. Please reject any deal that involves Huawei.
Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.
Yours Truly,
D.J. McGuire
Co-founder and President: China e-Lobby

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Cloud 4G said...

LOL! China already has America by the balls because we went to extremes of idiotic policies and B school management theories. We have to invite the Chinese to buy American/America... they already own us to a large degree because we have taken back the money we paid to buy their cheaply manufactured goods in exchange for government bonds and other investments.

"Let's close the flood gates... after the dam has already busted through!" Let's not sell 3COM or other company that has had to struggle against the tide of inflato-world derivatives la-la land American strategies (does America have what amounts to a 'strategy' about anything of importance?.. Oh yea, a strategy to keep monopolies like the medical industry in power so they can castrate the rest of the economy.

Forget about it... America is in the 'new deal' stage of a collapsed economy. The innovative elements of our society, such as the electronics industries not part of the military-industrial black hole brain suck should be encouraged through de-leveraging of the derivative and inflated and monopolistic capital structures.

But the Chinese are the ones with the $1.5 trillion of our War and bubblenomics bucks. Why not let them spend it as they see fit? Oh, because they might actually spend it on things that they can use to compete with in the future? Gee, why haven't we been thinking like that?

Forget what I just said.. lets just pump up the rat maize one more time: pump more money into the medical monopoly without taking down the barriers to open competition. Pump more bucks into the war machine... and write more IOUs to pay for it. Heck.. keep the ball rolling long enough and the only option we will be left with will be to use those wonderful developments of human creativity, the Neutron Bomb, to write the slate clean: debt, what debt, collect on this Kaboom! ; ^)


Goals for the New America:

1) Teach yourself and kids to speak Chinese
2) Sell our homes and other real estate and throw a home warming party when they move in next door.
3) Welcome their investments in our businesses or anything else they want to buy.. so that we can maintain our individual, corporate and government spending binges.

We could do the hard work or restructuring to become more competitive but who wants that? Lets figure out how to keep the dream alive .. even if the dream has become derivative of a fantasy that long ago made no sense.

Your ideas are protectionist and fail to solve any structural issue that is at the root of the problem. Huawei/China is in position to buy things. American government/citizens are in the position to sell what we can to keep our boat floating. Ignorance must be liss.