Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Huawei and Burma--the Smiling, False Face and the Brutal Face of China

Background on Huawei Technologies' attempt to partially buy out 3Com:

(1) Selling National Security:

(2) The Huawei Way:

The telecom giant is either a security menace or a real comer—or it could be a house of cards. Or all of the above.


(3) Nortel-Huawei Deal Marks a New Model of Canada-China

Toronto-based Nortel Networks and Shenzhen-based Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd,...The Potash Corp-Sinofert and Nortel-Huawei partnerships are likely the ...

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"China is paralyzing UN Security Council action on Burma. They are the main economic, military, and political supporters of the military junta. For fifteen years China has refused to press its closest ally to allow its people human rights, and used its veto power to block the UN Security Council from acting. As a result, the UN is making the same mistakes it made on Darfur and Rwanda. We are calling on people of conscience throughout the world to boycott the 2008 Chinese Olympics, join our efforts."

and more at:

Burma's foul regime depends on Beijing. - By Christopher Hitchins

The heroism of the Burmese, the shame of China

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