Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To my Canadian readers: Please vote Conservative today

During the long weekend, Communist China finally popped up as an issue in the Canadian election - due to a Liberal candidates refusal to criticize the CCP (Between Heaven and Earth, Boycott 2008, and the Epoch Times). Within hours, Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion reminded everyone why he cannot be trusted with power (Epoch Times, Marie at BH&E and Boycott has more). Combine that with New Democrat leader Jack Layton's loose talk of "coalition" (Globe and Mail) with Dion, the Green Party's deal with the Liberals to give Elizabeth May a clear shot at a seat in Nova Scotia, and the Bloc's limited appeal, the only choice for anti-Communist voters in Canada is the Conservative Party. I say this with less enthusiasm than I did in 2006, but with more urgency (and not just because it's Election Day).

Canada has been a quiet yet fierce battleground where Communist China is concerned (Epoch Times and the Wall Street Journal). In fact, Prime Minister Harper's record on Communist China - imperfect as it has been in recent months - is still better than any other major democracy on Earth (although I expect India to be much improved should the BJP reclaim power in the upcoming elections there). Moreover, while the biggest drag on their anti-Communism (David Emerson) is on his way out, some of the most anti-Communist voices (Jason Kenney and Stockwell Day) will continue in future Conservative governments.

Their anti-Communism is sorely needed.

The Bush Administration has completely caved in to the CCP's Korean colony (BBC, BBC again, CNN, CNN again, Christian Science Monitor, National Review Online, Newsmax, Washington Post, more Washington Post, Washington Times, Weekly Standard, and World Net Daily).

The Long Arm of Lawlessness continues to be a factor in New York (Epoch Times), Europe (Boycott 2008), and apparently even with the Nobel Committee (Epoch Times).

The continuing rash of poisoned products - fed by continuing Communist silence (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times) - reached New Zealand (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, another regime-run firm was caught poisoning drinking water (BBC).

Add to this the usual persecution (Epoch Times) and anti-Americanism (WND) and it becomes clear that the stakes are even higher than they were in 2006.

The Liberals have made it clear they would ignore all of this in favor of "engagement" nonsense (like this non-story that the BBC used to waste bandwith) and their usual coddling of Beijing (see the Wall Street Journal link again for more on CCP guest Maurice Strong, one of the Liberals' elite movers and shakers). The behavior of the other left-wing parties has effectively disqualified them. In my (admittedly not-so-humble) opinion, the Conservatives must be re-elected.

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