Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The word of the day: dubiety (courtesy David Frum)

This blog post by David Frum caught my attention in more ways than one:

As Predicted Here

China's growth rate slumps. To 9% in the third quarter , according to official figures - but given the dubiety of Chinese statistics, it is the trend not the number that matters. And the fourth quarter will be worse.

The information wasn't exactly news but I was struck by the word "dubiety." Not only was it was I hadn't seen before (I had resorted to the more pedestrian "dubiousness"), but I found it to be the running theme of the days events.

The latest "terrorist" alert by the Communist regime (BBC) was quite the example of dubiety in foreign affairs. Their recent claim to "reform" land use privileges was cloaked in dubiety that was exposed less than 24 hours later (Epoch Times). Any claim the Communists make to respect religion is literally dripping in dubiety (and some other substances - Epoch Times). Then there's the continuing dubiety surrounding food safety (BBC and Epoch Times).

The Korean colony took things a step further, as the dubiety that permeated the texts of their "major announcements" has now expanded to include the existence of "major announcements" (One Free Korea).

Thanks, David, for providing the word (and theme) of the day.

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