Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crackdown in Beijing; creativity in Washington

The false Olympic openness to the press is now gone, as the BBC is reporting that it has been banned by Beijing once more. The full ugliness of the Communist regime was revealed by Gu Xiao, mother of the jailed founder of the China Democracy Party (Epoch Times).

However, in Washington, the North Korea Freedom Coalition has come up with a unique way of counteracting this - calling on Christmas shoppers to "balance their made-in-China Christmas purchases with donations to help North Korean refugees who are suffering under China’s policy of forceful repatriation" (Epoch Times).

Many would like to believe thatr North Korea and Communist China are separate issues, but in fact, the regime in northern Korea is so dependent on Beijing that it has practically become a CCP colony. Half the reason Communist China sends back any escapee from northern Korea is for said colonial regime's benefit. The more northern Korea looks "normal" (BBC), the better things are for the CCP. The more the truth is exposed, the more energy the cadres must expend to prop up the Korean viceroy.

All in all, this is an excellent way to keep attention focused on the Chinese and Koreans that are dying to keep the CCP and its Korean puppets in power. Nicely done, NKFC.

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