Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More steps in Brezhnev's shoes

The Chinese Communist Party had another typical day - typical of the Soviets in the 1970s, that is.

Within the free world, they were able to score some wins. Their minions disrupted anti-Communist efforts in Korea (Washington Post) and Israel (Epoch Times), while an American court ordered a Chinese mother of four - and thus a violator of the one-child policy - back home to face sterilization (World Net Daily).

Before anyone goes after the jurists in this case, it must be remembered that the Xiu Mei Wei could easily be granted asylum by the political branches of the government. That neither President Bush nor Speaker Nancy Pelosi has even begun to consider this reflects badly on both - but especially Pelosi, given her anti-Communist past.

It's a different story on the Communists' home turf: reports of citizens angry at local cadres (Epoch Times), petitioners telling their tales of being tortured by Communist police (Epoch Times), and more melamine (BBC). This on top of the usual reaction that comes from brutal human rights abuses (Epoch Times) - reaction which remains quiet until the moment the camel's back is broken and the people rise up to take their country back.

All in all, it was another day of muddling through for the cadres, but while they mark time, the end comes one day closer.

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