Tuesday, June 28, 2005

On Communist China and Iran: Disturbing Questions

I don’t want to write this. Every word makes me feel worse, but yet I feel compelled to write all the same. Certain things have come together in my mind and they’re not good.

I have just re-read the latest Washington Times excerpt from Kenneth Timmerman’s Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran. This particular excerpt gives damning detail of Iran’s ties to al Qaeda, in particular the hijackers who killed nearly 3,000 on 9/11/01, as did the previous excerpt yesterday. For obvious reasons, Timmerman – who talked to a slew of Iranian defectors – also rips the Central Intelligence Agency for its refusal to accept that Iran was continuing to support terror despite the election of Mohammed Khatami as Iranian president in 1997. Timmerman calls the CIA denial of the truth “The Concept.”

However, as much as I would like to rip then-Director George Tenet, this is not a post about CIA failures. This is about Iran, and its lead military benefactor and ally: Communist China.

As most of you know, Iran held another “election” this month. Those in the know will tell you – and they will be right – that the actual office means little: Ayatollah Ali Khameini still runs the show. However, with the ascension of Tehran Mayor Mahmud Ahmadinejad to the Iranian Presidency, I believe Khameini et al have tipped their hand.

Until last Friday, everyone assumed the next president would be Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former president. Rafsanjani was a wily politician, that is to say he played a fairly decent PR game with the Western press while he committed unspeakable and vile acts against his own people. A re-elected Rafsanjani would have continued the game, and played it well, but it was not to be.

By pushing Ahmadinejad (to the point of stuffing ballot boxes, according to Michael Ledeen of National Review Online), the Iranian mullahs are, in my opinion, coming to the conclusion that they don’t need to play that game. It is almost certain that Iran’s support for the “insurgency” in Iraq will continue; Ahmadinejad himself has insisted the nuclear program is also full speed ahead once he takes office in August.

Why would they feel that way? Well, for starters, there is the fact that its ties to both al Qaeda and the anti-American terrorists in Iraq (yes, I know in some places they are the same thing) have led to no serious repercussions. There is the fact that they are very, very close to becoming a nuclear power, which would be a dead-certain deterrent against any military action by the United States. Finally, and I believe most importantly, there is Communist China.

Iran would be nowhere near where they are now on the nuclear front without Communist China. Several firms owned by the Communists, including the military-owned Northern Industrial Corporation (Norinco) have sold arms to the mullahs, and what the Communist China itself hasn’t done to buildup the mullahcracy’s might, its satellite state of Stalinist North Korea has done for it. The idea that Communist China could have done so much for and in Iran without knowing of the mullah’s appetite for terrorists – from Hezbollah to al Qaeda – is laughable.

From 9/11/01 on, I have always held the Communist China’s role in the terrorists’ war against America was as a benefactor of terrorism: al Qaeda, Iran, Saddam Hussein, the Taliban (second and third items), etc. I have never claimed that Communist China had foreknowledge of 9/11/01. Timmerman himself, or at least his excerpts, don’t make clear that even Iran knew exactly what would happen – although it’s fairly obvious the mullahs knew something big was going down. For Communist China, it was simple: the terrorists hated America, and the Communists can always use anti-Americans.

Now, however, we are entering more dangerous times. We have already seen fresh reports that Communist China is looking to conquer Taiwan sometime in the next two years. The mass reaction to the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party (2.5 million resignations and counting as of 5:00 this evening) gives the cadres ample reason for such a major nationalist diversion. However, it would almost certainly lead to American military response – unless, that is, we were dealing with another major terrorist attack. Meanwhile, an Iranian regime that continues to be despised by its own people has made it clear it will rely more on might and violence than on a “soft sell” to the West, making it all the more dependent on its Communist Chinese benefactors.

At this point, I’m going to throw it open to all of you. Am I putting the wrong two and two together? Have I become the overheated alarmist I have spent the better part of five years trying to avoid? Is my unspoken but frightening conclusion that I feel is based on evidence merely a theory which happens to fit the facts?

Or (gulp) am I on to something?


Anonymous said...

HI yes on the surface this may be the plan as evil will do whatever it can to surivive. Yet be assured that its in the final stages of its death . The Chinese people are waking up in vast droves from reading the 9 Commentaries and there are extremely good forces at work here. It will always look the worst before it gets better and yes it may even get worse as the main evil CCP has to be eliminated from this world. The result is assured but those who do not position themselves well in other words those who still support the CCP will also fall.

Anonymous said...

The key to the CCP collapse ultimately rests on the shoulders of the Chinese peoples desire for freedom and their bravery to act upon such desire.

The Chinese people are in the ultimate position to execute what is neccessary to facilitate this collapse. We, on the outside, can only provide assistance on the periphery.

The greatest assistance we can provide is by funneling in to China by all means available the truth which will peel away the CCP's facade and expose its hineous face.

I would encourage all people to provide support for NTDTV's struggle to continue to broadcast the only uncensored satellite TV programs into the mainland. You can also encourage your mainland Chinese friends and relatives to listen to foreign shortwave radio broadcasts and provide them will quality yet relatively inexpensive portable shortwave radios (EX: Sony ICF-SW35).

As the internet in China is becomming increasingly difficult to penetrate we must use as many avenues as possible to provide the truth to the Chinese people. Our steadfast support must be maintained without falter.

Anonymous said...

If Americans learn to mind their own business this world would be a great place to live in. I find terrorist right here in America every day, they work next to me. They wear those white sheets over their heads but no one ever mention them. Leave China, Iraq, Iran, Cuba and the entire ME and look at the problems you Yankees have created in this world. Can you all realize the world need peace. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE

Anonymous said...

I believe that it is people like you, that write articles about the government and what the whole take on "terrorism" is really about, that influence the hate and the discrimination we see everyday against Muslims. People are naive to the fact that a government such as the Iranian or Iraqi government of a country does not exactly represent the people in it. Take America itself as an example; George Bush may be the president but many, many American citizens oppose his actions. This is the same for other countries. As for the government of America, in all the history of the nation not once has a nuclear bomb been dropped. Two planes hit two towers and all of a sudden every Islamic country is in on it? They call it a "war on terrorism" and all of a sudden the Iraqi nuclear program, which was launched over a decade ago at the time, is all of a sudden a threat. How dare those Muslims come and take 3,000 lives? So what does the American government do? What else? They kill over 45,000 civilians in Iraq. It's sad that these events led people into discriminating against one another. So, I recommend the next time you want to post your take on this that you think twice about how you're portraying the people.