Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Communist China, Sudan, and the Olympics

It's been quite a while since I've been over here in this corner of the blogosphere. I've been away too long.

What brought me back was the surprise decision (to me, at least) of Stephen Spielberg to withdraw from advising the 2008 Communist Olympiad because the Beijing regime was "not doing enough to press for peace in the troubled Sudanese region" of Darfur (AP via Free Lance Star). For starters, Spielberg is to be commended for his decision. More telling, and worrisome, was the Communist reaction to all of this.

Traditionally, when the Communist regime is faced with a public relations problem like this, they take what looks like mitigating steps. They'll release a prisoner or two, make a pledge to stop selling arms to terrorists, talk of "peaceful intentions," etc.

This time, however, all we have seen and heard is a hail of denial and scorn. In other words, Communist China has decided its ties to the Sudanese regime are far more important than even the Olympic bonanza itself.


Well, we have to look at Sudan itself to answer that question. Yes, Sudan is a major source of oil for the ChiComs, but if it was all about energy, the Communists could have looked to Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or even Westinghouse. No, there's something else here - the Sudanese regime.

Sudan has one of the very few regimes with ties to both al Qaeda and Tehran (Communist China happens to be another). In fact, Sudan was instrumental in bringing al Qaeda and Khomeinists together in the first place. A regime like that would be immensely helpful to Communist China's plans against the United States.

Lets anyone forget to what plans I refer, remember that the Communists have scheduled the conquest of Taiwan for 2012 at the latest. They assume the United States would come to Taiwan's defense - unless we are distracted by something or someone else - say, a Middle Eastern regime aiding al Qaeda commit a major terrorist attack against the U.S.

The fact is, no matter which enemy we consider in the Wahhabist-Ba'athist-Khomeinist War, they all have the same benefactor: Communist China. This is no accident.

Once again, geopolitics trumps PR. The bad news is that the Communists remain deadly serious about their geopolitical aims. The good news is that the Olympics won't be nearly as beneficial to them as we initially feared.

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