Monday, March 27, 2006

On Sujiatun (and a few other things)

The following is the address yours truly gave to the rally at Lafayette Park earlier this afternoon to draw attention to the Sujiatun organ-harvesting death camp (lead, seventh, second, seventh, third, fourth, and fifth items).

Why do we gather here today?

We all know why we gather: to condemn the horrifying truth of Sujiatun, the camp created by the Chinese Communist Party to turn humans in organ banks, Falun Gong practitioners into ashes, and desperate patients into unwitting - or in some cases, well aware - accomplices in hideous torture and murder.

We gather to call for an end to a practice - the killing of practitioners and other dissidents for their organs - that is Auschwitzesque. While the number of dead and soon-to-be-dead is at present only 6,000, the combination of evil intent, lack of respect for human life, and assembly-line efficiency that fueled the Nazi concentration camps is, sadly, alive and well where the Chinese Communist Party rules, and is likely to remain so until the Chinese people take their country back from the Communist regime.

But why do we gather here? Why in the capital of what is arguably the most powerful nation on earth? Why in what many consider the epicenter of the democratic world?

For this answer, we must look beyond the United States, beyond Communist-controlled China, to the battle between the democratic world and the tyrannical forces it fights in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the globe. The latter have fallen under the bloody banner of "terrorism;" the main perpetrators are well known: al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, the mullahcracy in Iran, the Assad family in Syria. What is not as well known is that all of these forces of evil - plus the northern Korean nightmare run by Kim Jong-il - have received aid and support from the Chinese Communist Party for years, including military and, in the case of the Iranian mullahs, even nuclear support.

Why do the Communists support terrorism in Central Asia, Eastern Asia, the Middle East, and anywhere else they can find it? They do so because they fear the freedom of the democratic world; they fear how the democratic world cherishes truth, love, and respect for others. Most of all, they fear the democratic world hearing about the evil that exists in Sujiatun, the violent state-sponsored slaughters of Hanyuan and Shanwei, and the callous, silent murder of those who have fallen ill from AIDS, SARS, and bird flu.

In short, the Communists know that so long as the democratic world exists, their crimes against the Chinese people can never be kept secret. So long as there is an America to show that the people can govern themselves, the Chinese people will demand the same. What Abraham Lincoln once said about an America split between slave state and free state, the Communists know to be true about a world split between free peoples and enslaved peoples: "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

This is why we have gathered here; for these truths mean two realities. One: the Chinese Communist Party and the democratic world cannot co-exist, for one to survive, the other must perish. However, this leads to another, more hopeful one: the Communists not only face Americans, Europeans, Japanese, and others in the democratic world. They also face practitioners, dissidents, appellants, unpaid laborers, and maltreated farmers.

We gather here, because the American and the Chinese peoples have a common cause against the CCP, but only together can they defeat it. Moreover, we will continue to gather here, as we must, until the American people put in place leaders that will take up this fight against the CCP, for America will never be secure until China is free.

We gather here because Sujiatun is not only an act of unspeakable evil, it is a warning to those in the democratic world of what this regime is trying to hide, and why it feels it must survive to hide it - at any cost. Let us heed this warning, and work together to ensure that it is the democratic world that prospers and the CCP that perishes.

Thank you, God Bless you, and may God Bless the American and Chinese peoples.


Anonymous said...

"What is not as well known is that all of these forces of evil - plus the northern Korean nightmare run by Kim Jong-il - have received aid and support from the Chinese Communist Party for years, including military and, in the case of the Iranian mullahs, even nuclear support"

These words should form the basis of White House policy.

"Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come." (Matthew 18:7)

"Then I saw another beast, coming out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon." (Rev.13:11)

May God bless this site.

Anonymous said...

I called the US embassy in Shenyang and asked them about the concentration camp allegation. They said the story is not true.

Foreign consulates of every nation have the responsiblity to provide services to its citizens, including economic, cultural, and local news and events. I recommend those who livin in America that have questions about Falun Gong's claim call their local embassy in Shenyang. Their phone number is (86-24) 2322-1198. They will give you a satisfactory answer.

(Here's US Shenyang embassy's website:

D.J. McGuire said...

I don't really think the American consulate (it's not an embassy) would have any idea one way or the other. It certainly is in no position to investigate something like this. The most it can do is repeat what the local media says, and since the local media in Shenyang (and everywhere else in Communist China) is under Party control, all one would hear is a denial.

Anonymous said...

(A Chinese blogger discovered where Epoch Tim's propaganda came from:

"Yesterday, Epoch Times published photo of a a woman's back, and said she is a witness to Sujiatun concentration camp. Article said the concentration camp is at Sujiatun district SheSong Road #49; the back court of National Eastern Medicine Thrombosis Therapy Center. Also this woman is the center's doctor. She witnessed the gory scene where Chinese communist ruthlessly slaughtered 6000 Falun Gong practioner, and these Falun Gong practioners were disembowed alive, organs harvested
without anesthesia! Afterwards the body is burned in incinerator. All the organs were exported to Thailand!

Except this woman's description of the medical center all came from the hospital's website's About page, nearly word for word. This shows the woman isn't really the hospital's doctor, but Epoch Time's hired hand!

With each trace it just gets darker! Epoch Tims' Taiwnese editors are useless! Sujiatun has many hospitals but they had to pick this one - had to pick a Chinese medicine hospital that does accupuncture not western surgery! Organ transplantion procedures is not out-patient operation! Amatures! They are discredit to President Chen and Master Li. It's really hard to believe such a little lie can't be perfected.

Now I realize, why Epoch Times settled on the number 6000! Not one more, not one less. It's because this hospital's published on it's webpage - yearly patient volumn: 27,000, daily volumn: 1000 patient, yearly admission: 6000! 6000? Epoch Times' idiot editors probably did a quick look and agreed that's the number. This mistake is too careless. They should've called me for a consultation, then it'll be perfect.

These editors are such idiots. They didn't know Sujiatun has a Qing Dynasty royal prison, every Shenyang person knows it. It's walls are taller than a two story building, thick with forest in the day, wolf and dog shrill at night! With electrified fence to keep people out, nobody goes near it! It's being used as watch station for the railroad, but don't let the name fool you, people detained there must not the regular criminals, they've got to be at least on par with Li HongZhi.
If this kind of place got turned into Falun Gong concentration camp, who wouldn't believe it; who would dare not to believe!

Take a look at the hospital Epoch Times picked, full name is China
National Eastern Medicine Thrombosis Therapy Center. This clinic is not only famous in Northeast, but nationally, internationally! Westerners stricken with thrombosis come there for (eastern) treatment! Imagine all those westerner patients staying in the front court, back court is full of 6000 live human beings, being operated on without anesthesia. That's got to be louder than the Pig Cryer at the auction house! These westerners must all be blind and deft, so there is still a story to be exposed?

It's getting late, if netter have some leisure time, please browse this hospital's about page, then read the Epoch Time's article - everything will become clear!"

(URL for the thrombosis center:
(URL for the Epoch Times article:

Anonymous said...

I am going to contact the "hospital" to schedule a tour. Let us see how accomodating they are with the arrival of a group of M.D.'s & forensic experts from NYC finest.

Anonymous said...

I hope you would go check it out for yourself.

Meanwhile 100 year old international Hong Kong news agency goes to Sujiatun and Lanzhou University to investigate Epoch Times' allegations, and they find a pile of hooey:

* Lanzhou University student registry doesn't have students named in Epoch Time's article, no one has been arrested as alleged:

* Reporters investigate concentration camp at Sujiatun stroke clinic find no evidence:

Here's bio of a web division of 100 year old Hong Kong newspaper TaKungPao that sells 45% of it's papers in US and Canada:

D.J. McGuire said...

Anon (the latest),

You negelected to mention that Ta Kung Pao has been subsidized by the CCP for over fifty years (

D.J. McGuire said...

Yikes! That should read "neglected." Sorry.

Anonymous said...

NBC's parent company, GE, is subsidized by the US government to the tune of 2 billion dollars a year.

Anyway, TaKungPao isn't the only one that's critical of the Sujiatun concentration camp allegation. The Australian also reported it to be questionable:,5744,18669046%255E7583,00.html

It appears the claims by Falun Gong have been at least substantially exaggerated. Initial investigations by researchers for a US congressional committee have identified the site at Sujiatun as a hospital, where it is suspected organ harvesting occurs but on nowhere near the scale claimed by Falun Gong.
The sect's prolific publications run a strongly anti-Communist line and, as the Sujiatun example suggests, it is quite willing to match the Chinese Government when it comes to propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is no direct first hand evidence at this point. But we cannot wait for evidence and leave time for the killers to erase all evidence (the rest alive people) and burn them into ash. History has shown us that there was no evidence either for Auschwitz concentration camps for a while when they did exist.

On the other hand, anything on this world will leave trace unless they have not existed at all. All killers want to kill without being found out. But I can tell you that it is impossible not to be found out. Everything has to be answered for, just a matter of time. I believe the heaven way is fair.

Stop the crime and let justice prevail!