Wednesday, April 12, 2006

News of the Day (April 12)

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: China Intel laments "our own Pan-Blue coalition in the United States" (great line!); the Korea Liberator has the latest news on Stalinist North Korea.

More on Taiwan: Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou, head of Taiwan's Pan-Blues, made another rhetorical ode to the "status quo" (Washington Times) - without bothering to mention the Communist missile buildup that continues to destabilize it. Does Mayor Ma consider Chen Shui-bian a greater threat to Taiwan than Hu Jintao? Has anyone thought to ask him yet?

More on the Communists' Korean colony: The talks on the talks end without progress, but the Stalinists got a propaganda boost from some European sycophants - ahem, investors (BBC); Daily NK examines the ways and means of Stalinist "diplomacy."

From Gao Zhisheng: The renowned human rights attorney (sixth, tenth, fifth, lead, third, last, twelfth, eighth, third, second, third, eighth, eleventh, eighth, fourth, fourth, last, fourth, fifth, twelfth, fifth, second, lead, next to last, seventh, last, next to last, lead, second, last, sixth, tenth, eighth, second, eighth, ninth, lead, sixth, eighth, seventh, fifth, fourth, last, fifth, seventh, and next to last items) gives the latest on the cadres' intrusive surveillance of him (Epoch Times), and gets some quiet and unexpected support (Epoch Times).

Reporters Without Borders calls for Li Jianping acquittal: The journalist-rights group's call for the internet-based dissident writer (fourth and fifth item) was reprinted on Boxun.

Another Guangdong village, another land seizure: The village in question today is Foshan, where "over a thousand local residents gathered in Foshan's Titian Township to protest the corrupt officials' illegal seizure of their farmland" (Central News Agency, Taiwan, via Epoch Times). Foshan know joins Taishi, Shanwei, Sanshan (fifth item), and Sanjiao (third item) as Guangdong jurisdictions with land-stealing cadres.

Lu Decheng is now safe in Canada: Tiananmen protestor Lu Decheng's delayed escape to Canada (fifth item) finally happened yesterday; an earlier attempt to leave Thailand was stopped when "Beijing applied intense pressure on the Thai government to keep him in detention" (CBC).

Communist China grants trade concessions, and gets Boeing planes in return: OK, OK, the Boeing sale of 80 jets to the cadres was supposed to be one of the trade moves by the cadres in America's favor (BBC), but after Boeing's last media mention (fourth item), one can get confused as to who gains from that deal.

U.S. military academic meets top Communist general: Michael Dunn, president of the U.S. National Defense University, met with Liang Guanglie, the Communist military Chief of the General Staff in Beijing. During the meeting, Liang "briefed Dunn on China's military construction and expounded on China's stance on the Taiwan issue" (United Press Int'l via Washington Times).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Ethan Gutmann, author of Losing the New China (and member since 2004) discussed how Western businessmen are selling their souls to the cadres (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, Taiwan's Central News Agency (via Epoch Times) show how the Communists' claim that their regime has modernized China rings hollow in so many areas.

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