Friday, June 30, 2006

News of the Day (June 30)

As the next post will be on Monday, July 3, yours truly would like to wish an early Happy Canada Day to all the readers from north of the 49th.

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Shaun Kenney notes the Communist crackdown on blogs (related item, the a House subcommittee unanimously passed the Global Online Freedom Act - CNET, office of Congressman Christopher Smith). The Korea Liberator has more on the possible Stalinist missile launch (see also Washington Times), the latest round of "reunions" (see also Daily NK), another group of refugees headed here, more maddening South Korean dovishness (and voter anger at same), Stalinist slavery, and other Stalinist North Korea news.

More on Communist China and the United States: Vietnam's new president wants closer ties with the U.S. and Communist China (Washington Times). An attempt by Irvine, CA, to establish a sister city relationship with Xuhui, Shanghai, becomes a political nightmare (Epoch Times).

Communist Chinese military wants closer relations with Japan: The call for closer military ties came from Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Xu Caihou (United Press Int'l via Washington Times).

Beaten activist slowly recovering; assailants still unknown: Fu Xiancai, an activist for families flooded out of their homes by the Three Gorges Dam who was beaten into temporary paralysis (ninth item), is "gradually recovering his health and limited movement" (Boxun). Meanwhile, the local cadres' "investigation" of the attack has largely been focused on Fu himself, rather than those who attacked him. As such, said attackers are still at large.

Don't forget the Hong Kong march tomorrow (seventh item): The South China Morning Post (via Asia Media-UCLA) reports on the upcoming pro-democracy demonstration in the city.

Hu Jintao rips "rampant" corruption: The Communist leader talked of "'profound international changes' and 'deepening domestic reforms'" (BBC), but said nothing about removing the Communist monopoly on power, in a rant against corruption. The remarks came on the heels of the public acknowledgement of Deputy naval commander Wang Shouye's embezzlement (tenth and eighth items).

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