Tuesday, September 30, 2008

North Korea has a lot to cover-up

No, I'm not referring to the Stalinist nuclear weapons program, which they are, in fact, flaunting once more (BBC). I'm referring to the numerous problems of the Beijing regime which were supposed to be ignored by the rest of the world when the Korean colony first starting acting up.

Not only has the melamine scandal continued to careen out of control Epoch Times), but there are also questions about contaminated medicine again (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, the traditional opposition to the regime from within (Epoch Times) and without (Epoch Times) are now joined by former military personnel are protesting against the regime (Epoch Times).

With all of this to sweep off the front pages around the world, Beijing will be watching its Korean colony closely. Expect any effort to get North Korea to cooperate again on its nuclear ambitions to hit a brick wall until the CCP can get maximum advantage, again (One Free Korea).

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