Wednesday, April 27, 2005

News of the Day (April 27)

Lien Chan ripped by Taiwan’s Foreign Minister and its ex-President: As Nationalist Party leader and defeated presidential candidate Lien Chan continued his “journey of peace” in Communist China, former President Lee Teng-hui – known as “Mr. Democracy” in Taiwan – blasted the trip and accused Lien of “jeopardizing national security by cozying up to Beijing” (Cybercast News). Lee, who left the Nationalists and is now an ally of President Chen Shui-bian, was joined in his criticism by Foreign Minister Tan Sun Chen, who “compared Lien's trip with visits to North Vietnam by U.S. lawmakers during the Vietnam War.” Chen defeated Lien in last year’s presidential elections due in large part to Lien’s record of said cozying.

Taiwan study reveals Communist ecological mess: Meanwhile, a survey by Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council on Communist China’s ecology found its “air and drinking water are severely polluted, and its ecosystem is out of balance” (Epoch Times).

Australian union official rips “free trade” with Communist China: Australian Manufacturing Workers Union Secretary Doug Cameron took aim at a proposed free trade agreement between his country and Communist China, noting the deliberately devalued Communist currency and the fact that “Workers are thrown in jail for actually complaining against the conditions in China” (Epoch Times).

Hu signs deals with the Philippines: Meanwhile, Philippine President Gloria Arroyo “signed trade and investment deals worth more than $1.5bn” (BBC) with Hu Jintao. The deals involved mining, oil, and infrastructure. Clearly, she needs to talk to Mr. Cameron.

Falun Gong founder insist his group is not political: Li Hongzhi, founder of the Falun Gong spiritual movement, denied Communist charges that Falun Gong is a “reactionary political organization.” Li did speak in favor of the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, but only “to clarify the truth” (Epoch Times) about the Party.

Cadre promises safer mines, again: On the heels of more mining accidents and deaths, Communist Vice Premier Huang Ju insisted, “ensuring safe production in coal mines is a top priority of the country” (United Press Int’l via Washington Times). Never mind the fact that the biggest obstacles to mine safety are Communist-caused: the lack of independent unions and mine owners who just happen to be safety inspectors (fifth item).

Cadres tell HK chief he has two years, not five: A dispute on the interpretation of Hong Kong’s Basic Law has been resolved by Zhongnanhai fiat. Communist China decreed that Donald Tsang, chosen by a Communist-appointed panel to replace Tung Chee-hwa as the city’s leader, can only serve two years because Tung resigned early. Pro-democracy politicians in Hong Kong wanted the issue resolved by the city’s judiciary, rather than the cadres; one country, one-and-a-half systems rolls on (BBC).

One million resignations get National Review Online’s attention: Jay Nordlinger, one of the better columnists on Communist China National Review Online (ninth item), notes the one million resignations from the Chinese Communist Party and the rally in New York commemorating the milestone. The Epoch Times reprinted three more speeches from the rally, including Xu Shuiliang, Ann Noonan (Loagai Research Foundation), and yours truly (whose remarks were read in absentia).

Ah, the United Nations Human Rights Commission: In an attempt to show the members of the UN Human Rights Commission the torture methods Communist China uses against Christians, Bob Fu, president of the China Aid Association, demonstrated the use of an electric baton. The Communists claimed Fu “made them feel threatened” (Jason Lee Steorts, National Review Online), and convinced the Commission chairman to expel him, take away his U.N. badge, and seize the baton.

On France and Communist China: The editors of the Washington Times give France a well-deserved dressing down for inanely supporting the cadres’ “anti-secession” law and continuing to try to lift the European Union arms embargo against Communist China.

A bad column on trade with Communist China comes courtesy of Daniel Ikenson, CATO Institute. Ikenson insists any attempt to correct Communist China’s currency devaluation – by talks or tariffs – “would be unlikely to have a meaningful impact on trade” (Fox News). However, he refuses to even discuss the national security implications of sending over $160 billion a year to the cadres.

Another bad column, this one on Stalinist North Korea, comes courtesy of Jude Wanniski ( Wanniski insists the U.S. open bilateral talks with the Stalinists, assuming – without have the gumption to say so – that Kim Jong-il can be trusted. He even swallows SNK’s attempt to erase its 2002 boast to developing uranium-based nuclear weapons, and he has no time for liberation. Will they never learn?


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