Thursday, April 28, 2005

News of the Day (April 28)

Lien Chan comes to Beijing: Lien Chan – Taiwan’s Nationalist Party leader and defeated presidential candidate – brought his “journey of peace” to Beijing (BBC) and was warmly praised by Chen Yunlin, Communist China’s Minister of Taiwan Affairs. The United States inexplicably praised Lien’s trip, but also called on the Communists to stop giving the cold shoulder to President Chen Shui-bian, the man actually elected by the people of the island democracy as their leader. In fact, Chen defeated Lien in last year’s election due in large part to Lien’s record of cozying up to Communist China.

Commentary on Lien’s trip: Dan Blumenthal and Gary Schmitt, of the Project for the New American Century (reprinted from the Asian Wall Street Journal), ripped the Nationalists for letting Lien make his trip to Communist China and called on their younger members to “lead their party into a position of responsibility and leadership on national security and defense matters.”

Communist doctors operate on mentally disabled patients without their consent: Two mentally disabled patients “were sent to the hospital to have their cervixes removed” (Epoch Times) without their consent. The Nantong Nursing Home sent the girls to have the operations because they “started menstruating and it’s a hassle to take care of them” (how kind). A whistleblower doctor revealed the outrage; her fate is unknown.

On jailed dissident Yang Jianli: Communist China arrested Yang Jianli three years ago after he re-entered Communist China from exile in the United States (seventh item) to help labor dissidents. He has been repeatedly tortured in prison, suffered a stroke, and is rapidly deteriorating, but the Communists refuse to give him medical parole. Rachel DiCarlo, Daily Standard, has the latest on this outrage.

On the one million resignations from the CCP: Among the many speakers at Saturday’s rally commemorating the one million resignations from the Chinese Communist Party were John Patrick of the China Support Network. Meanwhile, Suman Srinivasan, Epoch Times, was so moved by the resignation-inspired Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party that he “felt shame because I had once regarded Communism as correct and as a hope for humanity.”

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