Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Possible Vatican move against Taiwan ripped on the blogosphere

The Captain’s Quarters blog gives the rhetorical double barrel to the notion that the Vatican should cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favor of Communist China:

I cannot think of a worse legacy for the end of the JPII era than to knuckle under to Communist China -- a country that has persecuted Catholics who remained loyal to the Vatican for decades and who will likely still not allow them true religious freedom under any circumstances.

Now, the article CQ cites merely rehashes Hong Kong Bishop Joseph Zen’s notion that the Holy See could switch recognition (also covered here) and yours truly has heard the Vatican-diplomatic-switch-is-imminent talk before (see International News here), only to see it come to naught. However, that doesn’t make the idea itself any better, so kudos to CQ for giving this the harsh treatment it richly deserves.

On a personal note, yours truly happens to be a (badly lapsed) Catholic, but that would become “ex-Catholic” the moment recognition is switched, if it is switched. While this is a worldly issue, and thus not one given theological heft, the very idea of the Vicar of Christ making such a deal with the devil simply turns my stomach.

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