Friday, May 13, 2005

News of the Day (May 13)

Communist China finds culprit in SNK fiasco – the United States: As Stalinist North Korea continue to keep the world guessing as to their intentions to test a nuclear weapon (United Press International via Washington Times), Communist China has decided whom to blame for “the unsuccessful effort” (UPI – Washington Times) to end the Stalinists’ nuclear ambitions: the United States. As for SNK, the cadres are more than happy to prop them up, as the editors of the Washington Times note. Sadly, there are still many who just don’t get it, such as Senator Paul Sarbanes (D-Maryland), who fingered UN Ambassador-designate John Bolton and his hard truths (fifth item) about the Stalinists as the reasons behind the failure of diplomacy (Fox News). Will they never learn?

Communist China makes cosmetic concessions just before Taiwanese election: Taiwan’s voters will elect a National Assembly – a body that will consider amendments to the 1947 constitution – tomorrow. Wouldn’t you know it; just before the vote, Communist China announced “a new formulation” (Washington Post) on “one China,” its permanent condition for any talks with the island democracy. The supposed change was a decision “to open talks if Taiwan accepted the principle of ‘two shores, one China’ while acknowledging that the two sides might differ on precisely what that term meant.” In other words, Taiwan can think whatever it wants about “China,” but the cadres won’t budge from insisting that they are its rightful rulers. President Chen Shui-bian dismissed the “shores,” noting that “China's basic attitude has remained the same” (BBC).

Japan and Communist China to hold talks: Communist China and Japan agreed to host each others’ negotiators “to improve relations” (Washington Post, fifth item) in the aftermath of the Communist-backed anti-Japan riots. Meanwhile, Murray Scot Tanner, RAND Corporation, has a spectacularly bad analysis of the brouhaha (UPI –Washington Times), largely due to his ridiculous belief that the cadres “did not initiate” the riots.

Another victim in the Falun Gong War: Xin Fei, Epoch Times, details the plight of Huang Xiong, a practitioner who “was abducted by Shanghai police and has been missing for two years with no clue of whether he is dead or alive.”

Woe, Canada! Michael Mostyn, Director of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies, skewers lambastes his country’s Prime Minister, Paul Martin, for agreeing to “non-interference in each other’s internal affairs” with Communist China (Epoch Times). As Mostyn notes, “Many have interpreted this as political double-speak for Canada committing to sacrifice the human rights of 23 million peaceful Taiwanese for the enrichment of friends, families and corporations close to the Prime Minister, as there appears to be no other rationale for Canada’s China policy.” Well done, Michael.

On Communist China and Russia: The indomitable Lev Navrozov of Newsmax details the growing ties between Communist China and its biggest arms supplier, Putinist Russia.

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