Friday, May 27, 2005

News of the Day (May 27)

Next Friday, June 3, commemorations of the Tiananmen Square massacre will take place throughout the world, including in Farragut Square, Washington, D.C., from 11:30 AM to 2PM. For more, see this announcement from the China Support Network.

Treasury Secretary hears it from Senate on currency: Senator Deborah Stabenow (D-Michigan) ripped Communist China for its deliberately devalued currency, calling it “an illegal subsidy to exports and . . . an illegal tariff on imports” (Voice of America via Newsmax). Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York) demanded “retaliatory action.” A Senate vote on a currency corrective tariff will come no later than July 27 (second item).

Bolton vote delayed: Senate Democrats delayed the vote to confirm United Nations Ambassador-designate John Bolton into next month (Fox News). While the delay was ostensibly due to a spat between the Democrats and the White House on documents pertaining to Bolton’s views of intelligence analyses, opponents have ripped him for being tough on Communist China and honest about Stalinist North Korea (fifth item).

India to conduct counterterrorism exercises with Communist China: The Communist charm offensive with India continued with proposed “joint counter-terrorism and peacekeeping training programs” (United Press Int’l, via Washington Times, second item). India’s military quickly accepted the offer. The cadres are trying to erase a 1962 border war in which they seized almost 40,000 square miles of India’s territory.

Communists resorting to Internet propagandists to control debate: Several cities in Communist China have created “a special team of Internet commentators” (Epoch Times) for the purpose of “guiding public opinion on the internet.”

On Communist China and the U.S.: The indomitable Lev Navrozov (Newsmax) warns once again of the danger Communist China poses to America. Richard Holbrooke’s Washington Post column leaves far more to be desired. Austin Bay sees the moves against Communist China’s currency (see above) as an attempt to force the Communists to make Stalinist North Korea behave (Washington Times). Will they never learn?

Zimbabwe, Part II: Roger Bate, American Enterprise Institute, continues his study of Communist China’s support for the Mugabe regime (third item) in the Daily Standard.

World Food Program makes another plea for SNK aid: The UN World Food Program “repeated its warning of a food crisis in North Korea” (BBC) without donations from the rest of the world. However, the WFP continued to (last item) ignore what turned off the donors in the first place: SNK using food as a political weapon (fifth item) and stealing food aid from its own people to feed itself and its military (fifth item, ninth item).

Fashion show bombs: A South Korean firm held a fashion show to higlight the Western apparel made in its SNK-based factory. The Stalinists, still nervosuly taking their cue from Kim Jong-il to hate anything “foreign” (Washington Times), were not impressed.


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