Tuesday, May 24, 2005

News of the Day (May 24)

Communist China angry over Japanese shrine: Communist China, while still insisting Deputy Premier Wu Yi had to cut short her visit to Japan for domestic reasons (Voice of America via Epoch Times), hinted at the real reason, via Communist Foreign Ministry mouthpiece Kong Quan): “during Vice-Premier Wu Yi's stay in Japan, Japanese leaders repeatedly made remarks on visiting the Yasukuni shrine that go against the efforts to improve Sino-Japanese relations” (BBC). The Communist press likewise blasted Koizumi, while Japanese press was, as expected in a free country, divided (BBC). Wu was supposed to begin healing rifts from a slew of Communist-inspired anti-Japan riots.

Communist China warns against textile tariffs as EU agrees to talks: Communist China threatened to “scrap recently agreed plans to increase export tariffs on textiles should the European Union and US also impose quotas on imports” (BBC). Communist textile exports have surged in recent months, crowding out both domestic producers and other exporters. Meanwhile, European Union envoy Peter Mandelson won approval for talks with the Communists on the textile issue (United Press Int’l via Washington Times).

Resignations pass 1.8 million: As the withdrawals from the Communist Party inspired by the Nine Commentaries approaches two million, Friends of Falun Gong take note of the cadres’ response: a major crackdown against the Commentaries. Meanwhile, Epoch Times columnist Shaogong talked of the “crooked logic” this is the Chinese Communist Party at a Nine Commentaries seminar in Ohio.

On Communist China’s repression: New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof earns himself an honorable place in this corner with this quote on the Communists’ battle with the web: “President Hu has fulminated in private speeches that foreign ‘hostile forces’ are trying to change China. Yup, count me in – anybody who loves China as I do would be hostile to an empty Mao suit like Mr. Hu.” Sharon Kilarski, Epoch Times, recaps the history of New Tang Dynasty Television. Luo Na, zhengjian.org (via Epoch Times) discusses the cadres’ use of “labels” to divide and terrify the Chinese people.

On Communist China and the United States: Dave Eberhart, Newsmax, reviews the late Constantine Menges’ China: The Gathering Threat. Shang Nong, Epoch Times, explains why the cadres cannot afford the risk from a free-floating currency, while Irwin M. Stelzer, Daily Standard, gauges the anti-Communist coalition – which he calls a “protectionist coalition” – that is rising as a result. Stephen Gregory, American editor of the Epoch Times, laments the popularity of “Uncle Joe” and other Communists.

On Stalinist North Korea: Patrick Goodenough, Cybercast News, examines the Stalinists’ reluctance to return to the much-overhyped six-party talks on its nuclear weapons. Norm Scheiber, who has a blog in The New Republic, discusses the latest in dissident video to come out of Stalinist North Korea.

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