Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ask the U.S. to grant Chen Yonglin and Hao Fengjun asylum in the United States

One month after this was posted, the Australian government granted protection visas to Chen Yonglin and his family. The case of Hao Fengjun remains unresolved, and as such, regarding him, our call stands.

After examining the events of the last few days in Australia, I have become convinced that more than mere relaying of information is required. When the China e-Lobby began, over five years ago, its raison d'etre was to convince Congress to vote down Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Communist China. Though we did not succeed, we never gave up the willingness to make our views known to public officials.

Given that the brave defector Chen Yonglin has already contacted American officials in Australia regarding his situation, I think we must make our views known to President Bush, Secretary Rice, and acting de facto Ambassador Stanton.

Below is the letter I sent to Mr. Stanton ( I sent similar letters to the President (, there are several steps involved) and the Secretary of State (, much easier) asking them to grant Chen and Hao Fengjun asylum in the United States. While you ceratainly don't have to use my letter, please contact these officials to make your voice heard on Chen and Hao's fate.

As always, I appreciate all your support.

D.J. McGuire

P.S. To international readers: feel free to contact the officials in your own government on this matter. You never know who might step up for Chen and Hao.

Mr. William A. Stanton
Chargé d'Affaires ad interim
U.S. Embassy to Australia

Dear Mr. Stanton,

Many in America, Australia, and especially Communist China have been following the story of Chen Yonglin, the former political consul for the Communist regime now in fear for his life for his willingness to expose that regime's network of overseas spies. Chen has already contacted our consulate for help and safety. I ask you to grant Chen Yonglin and his fellow defector Hao Fengjun asylum in the United States.

Chen and Hao have bravely revealed to
Australia how Communist China keeps tabs on its exiles abroad, especially its exiled dissidents. To allow them to suffer even the smallest risk of forced return to Communist China is beneath our character as a nation. As we expend blood and treasure to preserve the human rights of Afghans and Iraqis, how can we not risk so much less by protecting Chen and Hao's rights?

Moreover, this issue goes well beyond Chen and Hao's own human rights and dignity. They are among the few who have intimate knowledge of how the Communists patrol overseas Chinese populations. As you well know, several American cities, including our nation's capital, have large ethnic Chinese communities, and as such, millions of fellow Americans are subject to the same surveillance, intimidation, and fear that Chen and Hao have revealed as the Communists' weapons to ensure overseas silence. Chen and Hao can help fight that far-flung network of Communist watchers here in the United States, and finally let millions of Chinese-Americans experience the full American dream.

However, Chen and Hao's value could go far beyond liberating Chinese-Americans from the long arm of Communist tyranny. They could also help break up the Communist
networks in this country that have stolen nuclear secrets, compromised counterintelligence operations, and committed industrial and military espionage. If he were safely in the U.S., Chen and Hao could be invaluable assets in protecting America from espionage on several fronts.

For these reasons, I urge you to grant Chen Yonglin and Hao Fengjun asylum in the United States, not only to remove the danger to them, but to
exploit what may be the best counter-espionage opportunity we have had since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Very Truly Yours,

D.J. McGuire: President and Co-founder: China e-Lobby


Anonymous said...

traitors deserve no asylum

D.J. McGuire said...

Traitors to whom?

Anonymous said...

DJ, Chen's bid for asylum was rejected, and you know that. Also his lone allegation of Chinese spy kidnapping was investigated by Australian Federal Police and proven false, I'm sure you know that too.

The only reason Chen got a humanitarian protection visa is AU gov can't in good concience send the poor sap back to face, not persecution, but ordinary security charges our own government worker would face under the same ciircumstances.

And now Chen is playing his victim card and waving around his McCarthy list. The Chinese community in Australia have already stood up and said "we are not afraid" to this environment of fear Chen is trying to create.

IMO, Chen should produce the list as challanged. Don't hide behind it like Joseph McCarthy did:,5478,16101674%255E663,00.html

VFCA vice president Sheng Wang denied Mr Chen's claims, which he said had done untold damage to Chinese Australians and relations between both countries.
"If you[Chen] have concrete evidence, produce it."