Thursday, June 02, 2005

News of the Day (June 2)

Commemorations of the Tiananmen massacre will be held around the world tomorrow, including in Washington, D.C., from 11:30 AM to 2PM (China Support Network).

Communists add fraud to trumped-up charges against New York Times staffer: Zhao Yan, a New York Times researcher already in jail for the catch-all charge of “leaking state secrets,” now has “fraud” (Washington Post) charges against him, meaning “he can be held another seven months without trial.” Zhao came to the Times after his exposures of Party corruption led the cadres to force him to quit China Reform (eighteenth item).

Communist China ignoring resignations; Rumsfeld supports them: Communist China is actually claiming membership in the Party has increased over the last year (Epoch Times), a claim attacked almost immediately by internet users. Of course, the Party made no mention of the two million members who have left in response to the Nine Commentaries, including Yan Zhengxue, a “celebrated painter and director of the Yuanming Palace Atists’ Village Museum in Beijing” (Epoch Times). However, awareness of the mass exodus was spreading in both Canada (Epoch Times) and the U.S., where Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld showed his support (Epoch Times).

Communist China gets another chunk of Canadian resources: The Communist-run oil firm Sinopec “took a 40% stake in a $4.5-billion Alberta oilsands project” (Edmonton Sun). The acquisition “comes after China National Offshore Oil Corp. bought a 17% stake in MEGEnergy Inc. of Calgary for $150 million in April” and as Communist-owned Minmetals is in talks to buy out Noranda – Canada’s third largest mining firm.

The Falun Gong War’s effect on children: Ming Hui Schools (via Epoch Times) reveals the harrowing plight of seventeen children orphaned by the Communist China, who killed their parents because they refused to renounce Falun Gong.

PSI blocked two SNK shipments: The Proliferation Security Initiative, an international coalition launched by the U.S. two years ago to stop the terrorist trade in weapons of mass destruction components (fourth item) has already stopped Stalinist North Korea – the PSI’s prime target – from “receiving materials used in making chemical weapons” (Yonhap via Korea Times) and “a material useful in its nuclear programs.” The virtually unknown PSI has become one of the few examples of Administration success on SNK.

SNK calls Dick Cheney a “bloodthirsty beast,” shut down MIA recovery operation: The Stalinist regime blasted Vice President Dick Cheney for his criticism of Stalinist-in-chief Kim Jong-il (next to last item), calling Chency a “cruel monster and bloodthirsty beast” (BBC). The regime also blasted a recent U.S. sale of F-117 stealth fighters to democratic South Korea, and accused Cheney of “little short of telling the DPRK [North Korea] not to come out for the talks” (if only that were true). Meanwhile, SNK also announced it would “totally dismantle” (CNN) its part of the effort to recover Americans missing in action from the Korean War. The U.S. suspended its efforts there due to the Stalinists’ restrictions on its activities, which made real progress impossible (last item).

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