Friday, July 01, 2005

News of the Day (July 1)

In honor of Dominion Day, the China e-Lobby presents the links on Communist China’s espionage network in Canada (third, first, first, third, sixth, first, and fourth items).

Hu Jintao visits Russia, which tests new missile for sale to Communists: Russia’s military-industrial complex, whose number one customer is Communist China, “recently tested a . . . newly developed Russian missile is designed to attack naval targets, and well suited for attacks against U.S. carriers” (Epoch Times). The Raduga Kh-59M missile was tested on a SU-30MK2 jet fighter, which has already been sold to the Communists in the past. The news comes as Communist leader Hu Jintao heads for Russia for talks with President Vladimir Putin (United Press International via Washington Times).

Russia and Communist China to sign electricity deal: Meanwhile, Russia’s Unified Energy Systems will sign a deal with Communist China this month “increase Russia's electricity exports to China” (UPI via Washington Times, last item).

House votes to block CNOOC-Unocal deal: The House of Representatives voted 328-91 “block the Bush administration from backing a Chinese takeover attempt for US oil firm Unocal” (BBC). The bill would bar any federal funds from being spent to approve the deal (Cybercast News). The Administration did approve Chevron’s bid for Unocal, which makes the bid by the Communist-owned China National Offshore Oil Corporation more of a long shot, thankfully (third, fourth, seventh, second items).

Tariff bill postponed on claimed currency movement, which Communists then deny: The vote on the Schumer-Graham tariff on Communist Chinese imports (second item) was put on hold after Treasury Secretary John Snow said the cadres “agreed that it is in their interest to adopt greater exchange rate flexibility” (BBC). Having dodged that bullet, the Communist regime “again denied that it plans to revalue the yuan.”

Australian official promised Communist China it would block Falun Gong suit: According to Chen Yonglin, the former political officer in Communist China’s Sydney consulate, the Deputy Secretary for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade “promised the Chinese government he would ask for the materials from the Supreme Court, cancel the lawsuit, and put an end to the case” (Epoch Times). It was more evidence that the Communists’ efforts to compromise Australia were bearing fruit, and another reason the U.S. should grant Chen, his family, and Hao Fengjun asylum.

Malaysia bans Epoch Times: The government of Malaysia has stopped all distribution of the Epoch Times on the archipelago; no reason was given, but one can guess.

French anti-Communist declares for Presidency: In much better news, former French Education Minister Jack Lang – easily one of the most anti-Communist politicians in his native land – announced he would run for President in 2007 (UPI via Washington Times).

Crackdown against Christians continues: China Aid, a group dedicated to helping Christians in Communist China who would rather risk prison and torture than put the Chinese Communist Party between themselves and their God, reported more arrests in Henan, Shanxi, and occupied East Turkestan.

As HK democrats mark handover, Chen Shui-bian rejects Communist control: Over 10,000 residents of Hong Kong marched to demand democracy in the city on the eighth anniversary of the city falling under Communist control (BBC, UPI via Washington Times). Meanwhile, Chen Shui-bian – the democratically elected President of Taiwan – cited Hong Kong as an example of why he “categorically rejected . . . China's persistent "one country, two systems" reunification overtures” (Washington Times).

On Corruption in Communist China: Xu Huian, Epoch Times, examines the drive among all cadres to steal anything they can get their hands on before mandatory retirement hits (a.k.a. “The 59 Years Old Phenomenon”).

William Lind, useful idiot: That was what Lenin called those in the United States that could be counted on to stumble into aiding him, and his heirs in the ruthless Chinese Communist Party are sure to have the same opinion of William S. Lind of the Free Congress Foundation after they read his hideous UPI (via Washington Times) column.

SNK restarts nuclear plant construction: T.A. Frank, of The New Republic, has another installment of “Today in Despotism,” which tracks the latest in bombast from, among other tyrannies, Stalinist North Korea. Of course, missing from SNK’s announcements (and thus from Frank’s column) was the news that the regime had “resumed building two nuclear reactors whose construction was suspended under a 1994 agreement with the United States” (Washington Times, second item) – that would be the 1994 agreement the Stalinists violated with its uranium-based nuclear weapons program.


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