Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ignorant Comment of the Day

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Today's late-entry winner is Tom Friedman, New York Times (reprinted by Peking Duck), who at least finally notices the impoverished and seething rural interior in Communist China. However, he completely blows it with this ending paragraph:

But somewhere in this swirl of forces is where China's future stability is going to be shaped - or not. No wonder China's leaders have made building a "harmonious society" central to their next five-year plan. Wish them well, because how they do will affect everything from the air you breathe to the clothes you wear and the interest on your mortgage.

Wish them well?!?!?! Auuuugh!!!

Perhaps if Mr. Friedman had contemplated some other things that would be affected – Iran’s nuclear ambitions, al Qaeda’s ability to launder drug money, the bleeding Mexican economy and resulting border problems, Stalinist North Korea, the fate of freedom on Taiwan, etc. – he might have been less willing to “wish them well.” Then again, he might just have pulled a Kudlow.


Anonymous said...

Also SARS and H5N1 Avian Flu.
There in Communist China are lots of 'nuitrition' advocates still eating wild life birds, particularly all kinds of bats, kept in cages in restaurants and killed and cooked to order of patrons. According to Dr. K.H. Yuen, Dean of Microbiology Dept. of Hong Kong University, bats carry a host of viruses and germs, including those similar to SARS.(via The Next Magazine #817 issued 11/3/2005 in Hong Kong)
Why are there so many "useful idiots" in the West?

D.J. McGuire said...

Good call Anon!