Tuesday, November 29, 2005

News of the Day (November 29)

China Support Network posted the endorsement of the Conservative Party of Canada.

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Member One Free Korea has a quick survey of recent links on Stalinist North Korea (here’s the Seattle Times op-ed that fueled yesterday’s OFK comments on refugees from the Communists’ would be colony.

Expert on CCP puts death toll at 77 million: R. J. Rummel, a retired political science professor, updated his estimate on the number of murders committed by the Chinese Communist Party to 77 million. The revised number was due to Rummel’s acceptance that the deaths caused by the 1958-61 famine were “intentional” (World Net Daily).

Cadres in welfare system caught selling babies: The head of the Hunan Hengyang County Social Welfare Institute and the institute’s Communist Party chief are lead suspects in a baby trafficking scheme. The institute bought – yes, bought – babies from a trafficker, used the children to secure foster care money, and then proceeded to “sell these babies to other welfare homes” (Central News Agency via, Taiwan, Epoch Times).

Mine death toll reaches 146; relatives banned: The death toll from the Heilongjiang Longmei Mining Group explosion (twelfth item) “reached 146 on Tuesday” (BBC). Meanwhile, the managers of the Communist-owned mine have refused to let in relatives of the miners. At least one relative ripped the Communists for ignoring safety concerns.

Rally held for ex-Communists in Florida: Miami Beach hosted a celebration for “nearly six million Chinese people quitting the CCP” (Epoch Times).

U.S. says cadres are not manipulating their currency: The U.S. “declined yesterday to accuse China of manipulating its currency for competitive gain” (Washington Post). Apparently, the Bush Administration was more worried about the Schumer-Graham currency-corrective tariff (fifth item) than the Communists’ currency devaluation, which has damaged not only American manufacturing but also other exporters around the globe.

Russia awaits Communist-caused chemical spill: The Russia city of Khabarovsk “is bracing itself as the people nervously await the arrival of the poisonous chemical spill” (Epoch Times). The spill was caused by an explosion at the Petrochina plant in Jilin, and was so toxic that the water in Harbin was cut off (seventh, fourth, and ninth items).

On the Communist Chinese economy: He Qinglian, details how foreign investment-driven “democratization” and “profitability” in Communist China are myths (Taiwan News Weekly via Epoch Times). Perhaps someone should mention this to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which insists Communist China’s economy will grow by more than 9% (BBC).

What Communist prisons are like: Dr. Wang Bin, Falun Gong practitioner and former prisoner in Communist China, details the horrors of imprisonment in the Epoch Times.

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