Thursday, November 03, 2005

News of the Day (November 3)

One Free Korea joins the China Freedom Blog Alliance: The new CFBA member is more focused on Korea (hence the title), but when it comes to the Communist would-be colonizers he practically does no wrong. Today, he focuses on South Korean politics. Meanwhile, the Stalinists are putting Japan through more torture on the abductees (BBC), and sending back a woman who defected from Japan two years ago (BBC).

More from CFBA Members:
Democratic China has an excellent anaysis of Hu Jintao’s thoroughly dishonest “peace, stability and prosperity” speech in Hanoi.

Chicago City Council blasts Chinese Communist Party: Chicago alderman (as city councilmen are known there) “unanimously passed a resolution sharply critical of the CCP” (Epoch Times). The resolution touched on “totalitarian rule in China, brutality, denial of access to independent media, denial of a free internet in China, spreading of fabricated reports through propaganda, and persecution of religious and spiritual movements,” plus “how inside the U.S. the CCP works to restrict the freedoms of press, speech, assembly, and belief of groups that favor democracy in China.”

Zhao Ziyang aide calls on cadres to emulate Hu Yaobang: Bao Tong, former top aide to Zhao Ziyang, “called on China's Communist Party to rectify its errors ahead of a planned memorial for the late ousted leader Hu Yaobang” (United Press Int’l via Washington Times). Hu’s death, and the Communists’ shoddy treatment of their former reformist leader, led to the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Zhao, Hu’s successor as Party General Secretary, refused to support the bloody June 4 crackdown ordered by Deng Xiaoping, and remained under haouse arrest until his death over fifteen years later. Bao himself “has remained under virtual house arrest in Beijing” since June 4, 1989.

Textile talks end without a deal, again: Talks between the U.S. and Communist China regarding the latter’s textile export surge ended without a deal, although in a parallel issue, restrictions on sock exports were extended (UPI via Washington Times). Communist China’s exports in textiles to the U.S. and elsewhere shot up when global textile trade curbs ended last January (fifth, fourth, second, fifth, third, and second items).

Congress to investigate Communist art theft in Tibet: Art valuables from Tibet have caught the eye of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. The California Republican “announced he will lead an investigation into what he suspects was the systematic looting of Tibetan art and objects by Chinese authorities since the 1949 Communist revolution” (Art Newspaper). As the cadres are demanding the U.S. restrict imports of artefacts from Communist China, the arts community may back Rohrbacher’s move in response.

On the “Party culture”: Yang Tianshui, Epoch Times, examines how the Chinese Communist Party has permeated the mainland with fear, selfishness, and corruption.

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