Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Contest winners

I'm back.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. There were quite a few laughs, and quite a few good suggestions. Let's get right to it:

Best Paul Martin impersonation: "Let me be very very clear. Fundamentally, in fact, I have always been very clear in my preference to have that money funneled directly into Liberal Party coffers." - Raging Ranter

Best analysis of where the money, sadly, is going: "Better than giving the money to China, eh? The bar is pretty low; how about setting the money on fire..." - pwyll

Most altruistic: "How about food and shelter for the homeless? There are 25,000 homeless people in Canada." - Solange

Most, um, practical: "Well, that 50 million would make a fine addition to my bank account. Might even make me vote liberal!" - Well, that rules you out as a recipient, Biggie Rection!

Most bizarre: "Donate 50 million dollar bill-sized sheets of toilet paper to the 'Keep Sheik Hook's butt clean fund'?" - Aeolas, here's the story to which he refers

Funniest (this was not easy, but . . .): "$50 million... one 40th of the cost of our new space weapons registry." - Andrew. Good call, morison.

Now for the big ones.

Best American answer: "Use the $50 million to continue and expand Radio Canada Intl. shortwave broadcasts to China and N.Korea." - Paul Clark

And since the best one came from the Great White North itself . . .

Best (and most moving) answer: "I'm currently Canadian and I think that the $50,000,000 could be used to properly equip and man a Canadian Frigate or Destroyer to be attached permanently to whichever U.S. Navy Carrier group is currently defending Taiwan." - You brought a tear to my eye, John Chittick.

Your's truly's next vacation will be sometime this spring. With any luck, there will be a much more cheerful subject on which to base the ensuing contest. Until then, thanks again!

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