Friday, January 27, 2006

News of the Day (January 27)

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Between Heaven and Earth takes note of Communist plans to crackdown on protests in the rural interior, the reaction to Freezing Point's shutdown (seventh, third, and sixth items), and Ambassador Mark Palmer's Breaking the Real Axis of Evil. Democratic China has some comments on the duplicity of Hu Jintao and the regime he heads. One Free Korea praises the U.S. resoluteness on Stalinist counterfeiting ("If only we were this hard-headed about international nuclear proliferation") and Christopher Hitchens' comments on human rights in the Stalinist North. OFK also notes the non-effects of Stalinist-in-chief Kim Jong-il's trips to his colonial masters and relays GOP Vixen's excellent rant against Google's surrender to the Communist censors (see also Thomas Lipscomb, Editor and Publisher).

Canada file: The Stockwell Day for Foreign Minister campaign lands Friendly Blog Small Dead Animals and yours truly in Macleans blogger/Rescuing Canada's Right co-author Adam Daifallah's field of vision.

Communist China goes to bat for its would-be colony on counterfeiting: Communist China "has asked the Bush administration to ease some of its financial sanctions on Pyongyang" (United Press Int'l via Washington Times). The sanctions are in reaction to the Stalinist plot to flood the U.S. with fake $100 bills (next to last item). We eagerly await One Free Korea's reaction to this news.

Another rally for the seven million ex-Communists was held in Miami over the weekend (Epoch Times), complementing the Auckland, New Zealand rally (next to last item). The number of former cadres who have left the CCP in reaction to the Nine Commentaries is now over 7.5 million.

Dr. Charles Lee grants his first interview since his prison term in Communist China ended (Epoch Times). Dr. Lee, an American citizen, was imprisoned by the Communists for three years for trying to expose the Communist persecution of Falun Gong (sixth, third, and fourth items).

More on human rights and persecution in Communist China: The Committee to Protect Journalists (via Boxun) joined the chorus of critics against Communist China's imprisonment of Fuzhou Daily reporter Li Changqing (seventeenth, eighteenth, seventh, sixth, fifth, sixth, fourth, and sixth items). Howard W. French, International Herald Tribune, laments the lack of speech and protest rights in Shanghai, Guangdong, and everywhere else. Sonya Bryskine, Epoch Times, talks to Li Cunxin, a ballet-dancer and refugee from Communist China.

On Communist China and the United States: Newsmax's Lev Navrozov sounds the warning bell once more on the Communist threat to the U.S.

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