Friday, July 07, 2006

News of the Day (July 7)

This Sunday, June 9, is the seventh anniversary of the nationwide anti-Khomeinist student protests in Iran. In their honor, here are some reminders of why we must help the Iranian people take their country back from the Communist-backed mullahcracy.

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Between Heaven and Earth calls on the democratic world to stay away from the Beijing Olympics in light of the information in the Kilgour-Matas report. The Korea Liberator has much more about Stalinist North Korea's Projectile Dysfunction (third item, fourth item), including its possible target (Hawaii), statements from Senator Sam Brownback and Congressman Henry Hyde, Communist China's role, the weak-kneed reaction from the United Nations, the whining of the Clinton-era hacks, the better stance from National Review Online, comments from - of all people - Rudyard Kipling, some analysis of Kim Jong-il's motives, and a view on the repercussions.

The Canada file: The Kilgour-Matas organ harvesting probe gets the attention of Canadian blogger Stephen Taylor (who also has some kind words for yours truly - thanks, Stephen); Judi McLeod (Canada Free Press) highlights the Great White North's less than stellar history on with Stalinist North Korea.

Will SNK launch another one? According to South Korea's defense minister, "the North may have moved two long-range missiles to the site before Wednesday’s launch" (MSNBC); meaning another ICBM may soon be at the ready. The first launch already put missile defense on the top of the agenda for both the United States (Newsmax twice) and South Korea (Donga Ilbo).

More on the Stalinist missile launch: The Bush Administration is still trying to get the UN Security Council to condemn the Stalinist regime, and Communist China is still giving its colony diplomatic cover (Voice of America via Epoch Times, Washington Times, United Press Int'l via Washington Times, see also third item). The Administration also ruled out any retaliatory strike (World Net Daily). Japan, meanwhile, banned all ships from the Stalinist North for six months (UPI via Washington Times), and South Korea suspended food aid (BBC). There was more analysis (BBC, Daily NK, UPI via Washington Times, Washington Times), and several more calls for toughness (Claudia Rosett via USA Today, Cybercast News, Worldwide Standard).

Echo chamber warning: The Epoch Times reprints my call for northern Korea's liberation.

Taiwan to test cruise missile: The island democracy is planning a missile launch of its own in September. Taiwan's missile can hit "southeastern coastal cities in Fuzhou and Guangdong provinces" (Washington Times). Can the missile hit the cadres' bulldozers before they destroy the homes of land-grab victims?

On Communist China and the United States: Lev Navrozov continues to sound the alarm about Communist China's threat to America (Newsmax). Dr. Wenyi Wang (third and second, fourth, third, fourth, third, fourth, sixteenth, and fourth items) talks about her efforts to spread the word about Communist organ harvesting in the Epoch Times.

Russia and Communist China agree to gas pipeline in occupied East Turkestan: That Russia would make such an energy deal with the Communists is bad enough, but when it includes the cadres' exploitation of East Turkestan makes it infinitely worse (UPI via Washington Times).

EU Commissioner talks of "grand bargain" with Communist China; Parliament not so sure: European Union Commissioner Peter Mandelson expressed hope that "Europe and China could strike a 'grand bargain' by agreeing to accommodate each other's commercial interests" (BBC). However, the European Parliament was more concerned about Communist China's internet crackdown (Boxun).

On the state of the workers in the workers' state: The BBC talks to farmers in Communist China forced off their land for another cadre-favorite factory. Meanwhile, the cadres have decided to take gun control to new heights - "Even toy guns are not immune" from the Communist gun grab (BBC).

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