Wednesday, July 19, 2006

News of the Day (July 19)

From the China Support Network: A call for the liberation of Singapore comes from JPK.

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: A lawsuit against Jiang Zemin and other cadres by Falun Gong practitioners moves forward in Ontario (Between Heaven and Earth). Is Communist China getting annoyed at its Korean colony? The Korea Liberator thinks it is, but not too much. TKL also has the latest on other Stalinist news and South Korean politics.

More on Stalinist North Korea: Japan is planning its own sanctions against SNK (United Press Int'l via Washington Times). South Korea is preparing a missile defense command (UPI via Washington Times). The Stalinists decide to hold split families hostage again (BBC). Daily NK examines the prospects of famine and epidemics in SNK. Michael Abramowitz (Washington Post via MSNBC) chronicles increasing disillusionment on the political right with President Bush's "Kerryism" on SNK and Iran. Which bring us to . . .

News on the Communist-backed mullahcracy: The regime already has a large presence in Lebanon's Hezbollah zone (New York Sun), to the point where Meyrav Wurmser of the Hudson Institute thinks Israel's hitting of Lebanon is avoiding what should be the real targets - Iran and Syria (National Review Online). How we can even consider talks on Iran's nuclear weapons development is beyond both me and Andrew McCarthy (NRO), as Uzi Rubin details the mullahcracy's plans against the United States (Jerusalem Issue Brief ). Hezbollah itself has threatened American interests (World Net Daily, Michelle Malkin via WND, Steve Janke - a.k.a. Angry in the Great White North). Meanwhile, within Iran itself, resistance to the mullahcracy continues (Newsweek, Washington Times).

More on Communist China and the War on Terror: The Syrian regime - allied to both the Khomeinists and the Communists - was caught trying to ship missiles to Hezbollah (Small Dead Animals), as Israel debates what to do about the Assad regime (Newsweek). India fingers the man it believes spear-headed the Mumbai bombing - Dawood Ibrahim, an al Qaedist who "also has financed operations of Lashkar e Taiba" (NBC via MSNBC). Meanwhile, Andre Pachter, China Confidential via Epoch Times, examines Communist China's ties to radical Islam.

Taiwan to get F-16s from United States: Taiwan's China Times reported that the Pentagon "has given its nod over the sales of 66 F-16C/D Block 52s" (Agence France Presse via Intelligence Summit) to the island democracy.

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Australian Senator Andrew Bartlett rips his government for turning "a blind eye to major human rights abuses simply because there is money to be made" in Communist China (Epoch Times). Reporters Without Borders joins other human rights groups in support of the Global Online Freedom Act under consideration by the U.S. Congress (Boxun). Communist China may soon open ports in Mexico (Human Events).

Chen Guangcheng trial to start tomorrow: The blind anti-"one child" activist (tenth, second, ninth, ninth, thirteenth, lead, tenth, fifth, tenth, sixth, ninth, eighth, and ninth items) faces up to six years in jail (Cybercast News).

Anti-Communist Church comes to petitioners' aid: The Ark (Fangzhou) Church came to a petitioners' village in Beijing and "offered approximately 330 pounds of free food" to more than 100 who are camped out in Beijing waiting for their grievances against cadres back home to be resolved (Epoch Times). Petitioners, also known as appellants, usually faces nothing but silence and beatings from the Communists (see also eighth, second, fifth, fifth, seventh, ninth, seventh, eighth, thirteenth, twelfth, and seventh items). The Ark Church, meanwhile, has a history of standing with the Chinese people against the Communist Party.

Cadres send in armed police to disperse anti-pollution protestors: About 1,000 residents of Xialei Town, Guangxi staged a protest against plans by CITIC to build a manganese electrolysis plant. The cadres responded with "almost a thousand armed police from nearby counties. Eight (protestors) were arrested and a dozen injured by electric batons" (Epoch Times).

On the Chinese Communist Party: Zhang Tianliang has some very interesting things to say about the internal dynamics of the Chinese Communist Party (Epoch Times). Sadly, he risks falling for the ABJ syndrome (Anyone-but-Jiang), by centering nearly all of the Communist Party's evils on the ex-leader.

Another Communist-owned bank gets ready to fleece investors, ahem, float stock: This time it's the largest regime-owned bank of all, the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (BBC).

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