Sunday, August 13, 2006

East Turkestan asks CAIR: What's wrong with calling Islamic fascists what they really are?

The recent disruption of what would have been the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11/01 led President Bush to label the enemy "Islamic fascists." It took mere days for the Council on American-Islamic Relations to rip him for it. One day after CAIR decided the President's words were more dangerous than the terrorists' intentions, the East Turkestan Government-in-exile rose to the President's defense. Below is the East Turkestani statement in full:

The East Turkestan Government-in-exile would like to thank and praise all American, British, and any other people who helped disrupt the latest attempt by al Qaeda to murder massive numbers of people. We would also like to credit President Bush for labeling one of the enemies in this war, but ask him not to forget the other enemies.

For President Bush to say we are fighting Islamic fascists is absolutely correct. We in the Government in Exile, being almost entirely Muslim, see what this cancer does to this great faith every day. Not only does it pervert Islam, but this violent “religious” ideology also kills non-Muslims for no reason, and uses our peaceful faith as a cover for their bloodlust.

Some, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have criticized the President. We do not understand why they have done so. When we talk about the cruelty our people have suffered at the hands of the Chinese Communists, everyone knows we do not mean all ethnic Chinese. Likewise, the term Islamic fascists clearly refers only to those Muslims who would refuse to listen to their fellow man and kill all opponents to achieve and maintain power.

CAIR notes “a rising level of hostility to Islam and the American-Muslim community.” Like CAIR, we are concerned about this, but we see a different solution. Rather than worry about the semantics of President Bush, we should make clear we oppose Islamic fascism as well, just as anti-Nazi Germans resisted German fascism in World War II, and anti-Communist Chinese join with us in opposing Chinese fascism today.

In our view, the only mistake the President made was to limit the enemy to the likes of the Iranian regime, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and al Qaeda. Why not recognize the enemy that supports them all: the Chinese Communist Party? Only by allowing the Chinese people to throw out the Communists can we end both the illegal occupation of East Turkestan and the forces of evil - Muslims and non-Muslims alike - who fight the democratic world.

To conclude, we are grateful the President is prepared to fight the Islamic fascists. We only wish he would take the fight to the Chinese fascists as well.

The East Turkistan Government in Exile seeks to tell the world about East Turkistan and to raise the cause of freedom and independence by, among other things, providing information to U.S. government officials and policy-makers, developing contacts with the press, fostering alliances with like-minded groups and individuals, and sharing the culture of East Turkistanis with all who may enjoy it.

For more information:

Mr. Turani, East Turkistan Government in Exile: (571) 344-3886

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