Tuesday, August 22, 2006

News of the Day (August 22)

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: The Korea Liberator finds South Korean doves getting blocked by the State Department and made to look like the fools they are by recent events, but the campaign of dovish Foreign Minister for Ban Ki-Moon for UN Secretary General wins another endorsement.

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Today's winner is Tim Johnson (Wichita Eagle) for his piece on the dangers facing Korean refugees in Communist China.

More on the Communists' Korean colony: The Stalinists rip ongoing U.S.-South Korea military drills (BBC).

On Middle Eastern Proxy Number One (Iran): The Communist-backed mullahcracy seized a Romanian oil rig this morning (Bloomberg), and proposed new talks on the nuclear weapons program it refuses to end (Washington Post). To drive the point home, top mullahcrat Ali Khameini publicly announced uranium enrichment would continue (Newsmax), and the regime barred UN inspectors from its Natanz plant (Washington Times). For good measure, it also "vowed to repel any foreign attack" (United Press Int'l via Washington Times) on its nuclear facilities. Maddeningly, the U.S. decided to grant former regime mouthpiece Mohammad Khatami a visa to come to Washington (Washington Post via MSNBC). Finally, former U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander James A. Lyons calls on the U.S. to kick Iran out of Iraq (Washington Times).

Israel rules out talks with Syria, for now: The Israeli government ruled out any talks with Communist Middle Eastern Proxy Number Two "as long as it supports terrorist groups" (Cybercast News).

This brings us to Middle Eastern Proxy Number Three (Hezbollah), which may soon find the new UN "peacekeeping" force in Lebanon as useful as the old one (Cybercast News); the UN resolution creating that "force" is panned in the Worldwide Standard. Meanwhile, Fred Gedrich and Paul E. Vallel remind Washington Times readers of Hezbollah's true nature; Mindelle Jacobs does the same for the Edmonton Sun readership. Lastly, Babak Dehghanpisheh and Christopher Dickey (Newsweek) profile Hezbollah boss Hassan Nasrallah.

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Numerous organizations (including this one) call on Singapore to stop kowtowing to the Communists on Falun Gong (Epoch Times). The cadres rip the United Nations for fingering Communist China as the source of bird flu outbreaks (Agence France Press via Taipei Times).

From Gao Zhisheng: The human rights attorney had conducted one last interview before he was seized by Communist police (Epoch Times).

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