Tuesday, August 08, 2006

News of the Day (August 8): Has the Zeitgeist finally blown Communist China's support for terrorism into the open?

Judging from the reaction to Enlightened Comment of the Day on the talk-show circuit, it would certainly seem to be the case. From Limbaugh to Levin, my radio crackled with excerpts from this terrific Times of London piece by Stephen Pollard on the Communist regime's military support for the Iranian mullahcracy. Meanwhile, Andre Pachter (China Confidential) reveals the Communists' hidden hand in the campaign for an Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon (Epoch Times).

Then again, we have the Ignorant Comment of the Day from Nisid Hajari (Newsweek via MSNBC), who hardly notices Communist China in his attempt to lay blame for Iran's antics at the foot of the Bush Administration. Almost as maddening is Stanley Kurtz (National Review Online), who seems to understand the dangers from the Communist proxies, but misses the cadres' role as the terrorists' chief benefactor.

Speaking of the proxies, the mullahcracy's supreme leader calls for "the entire Islamic society" (Shotgun) to back Hezbollah, whose callous treatment of civilians as camera fodder is exposed by Yohai Sela (Epoch Times). Daniel McKivergan (Worldwide Standard) notes the links to Iran's mischief in Iraq.

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Between Heaven and Earth relays a new report backing up Kilgour-Matas (see also Epoch Times). Shaun Kenney comments on yesterday's ICOD. The Korea Liberator has more on South Korean dovishness (and some proto-Stalinism to boot), American reaction (see Cybercast News for reaction from South Korea's hawks), and how Stalinist North Korea will still play the propaganda game. TLK also has the latest SNK news, with a particularly interesting development on the counterfeit file (see also Newsmax).

More on the Communists' Korean colony: Daily NK wonders what made the Stalinist regime so willing to release figures on flood damage; Worldwide Standard wonders about Stalinist-in-chief Kim Jong-il.

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: The Taipei Times has more details about the offer Chad couldn't refuse (ninth item).

Perhaps they should try to claim dyslexia: Susan Jakes (Time Asia) finds that Communist China is tolerant about protests against cruelty - to dogs: "advocacy for abused animals is more recognized and permissible than advocacy for abused humans" (emphasis added). Reverence to God, however, is another matter, as Christians in Hangzhou discovered (Central News Agency, Taiwan, via Epoch Times).

More on matters inside Communist China: The cadres admit - without ever saying so, of course - that everyone who thought something was amiss in their reports on bird flu were startlingly correct (BBC). Finally, here's one for all of the Kudlowites who crow about Communist China's economic "reforms" - the cadres' have slapped a capital gains tax on the sale of existing homes (CNA via Epoch Times).

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