Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Duncan Hunter for President (UPDATED)

Earlier this year, I did a weeklong review of possible 2008 Presidential candidates. At the time, neither I nor anyone else knew that Congressman Duncan Hunter would join the field (sixth item); in fact, my political radar missed him entirely. Had I known then what I know now, I would have placed him at the top of the list. As it is, Hunter's decision to enter the race is the best political news for anti-Communists this side of the recent Canadian election.

Duncan Hunter has served in the United States House of Representatives for over a quarter-century; and for the last few years he has been Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. During his tenure in Washington, he has been one of the loudest anti-Communist voices in town. He was a leading opponent of PNTR for Communist China (Newsmax), and an original co-sponsor of the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act. He even authored a bill to revoke PNTR after the Hainan outrage, and is an original co-sponsor of the House version of the currency corrective tariff (UPDATE: He also co-sponsored the House resolution against Communist China's attempt to buy out Unocal).

Thus, Hunter has a long and detailed record of being not merely and anti-Communist vote in Congress, but an anti-Communist leader in Congress. Moreover, his tenure as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee gives him immediate credibility on other national security issues. He is also a Vietnam War veteran - the only veteran in the Republican field besides John McCain.

His biggest drawback is the fact that, outside of Washington and San Diego, he is a near-complete unknown. However, in the current political environment, that is not as much of a problem as it would normally be. The 2008 presidential race is still one of the most wide-open in recent memory, especially on the Republican side. Additionally, Hunter would be the most reliable candidate for "social conservatives," and shares Congressman Tom Tancredo's views on illegal immigration (without much of the baggage inflicted on Tancredo because he, Hunter, has approached the issue more exclusively on security grounds). In fact, given Tancredo's previous statements that he would only run "if no one else will take up" the illegal immigration issue (Parapundit), there is a good chance he might support Hunter himself (or perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part).

In any event, if Hunter can get enough recognition and traction, he could very well establish himself as a leading 2008 candidate (i.e., the alternative to John McCain), at which point, anything can happen. As for the general election, Hunter will likely be underestimated, and thus begin as the underdog. However, his record of service, coupled with his prescient views on Communist China and America's terrorist enemies, will make him a much more compelling general election candidate than most people in Washington realize. Moreover, as a Californian, he would at worst force the Democrats to expend resources and time in that state; at best, he could very well flip it into the Republican column, which would all but ensure his election.

In other words, President Duncan Hunter is not as far-fetched as it sounds.

More to the point, we will not see a more principled, venerated, and thoughtful anti-Communist in the race than we have in Duncan Hunter.

For that reason, I hereby endorse Duncan Hunter for President without reservation.


John P. Kusumi said...

I too am impressed with Hunter, but I'm not sure (if I were you) that I would so quickly issue an unqualified, unconditional, not limited, blanket endorsement. If you like him better than all the Republican primary candidates, then an endorsement for the Republican primary makes sense. But, in the general election, if the opposition were Russ Feingold, then I would have to examine, research, weigh and balance the selection between those two.

You're already that excited, you want him to win straight through the general election?

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with him due to his firm stance on National Security and illegal immigration. I hope he teams up with Senator Brownback, that would be an interesting combination as President/VP.

Anonymous said...

I was impressed with Hunter when I lived in San Diego studying at UCSD.

I concur with most of the endorsement except I do object to the projection of "baggage" on to Tancredo for not keeping his immigration concerns strictly to a politically-correct security issue.

Anglo-Americans--the founding people of the United States--will only be able to defeat Communist China or Iranian-sponsored Jihad when they have the courage to talk about cultural self-preservation.

Tancredo is right: Illegal immigration is not simply a security issue. It is about Who We Are as a people.

If Hunter is afraid to take on multiculturalism, he is not the man we need to undo Rove-ism.

Chris Stevens said...

I'm still looking for an official website on this campaign/exploratory committee or whatever.

D.J. McGuire said...

He does have a PAC, but its site is somewhat bare-boned: http://www.peacethroughstrengthpac.org/Home.aspx

The exploratory committee is still being formed. As I know more, I'l let you all know.

Rosemary said...

Excellent research. I've been on Duncan's side since day 1. I hate when they portray McCain (1st Amendment traitor, border traitor), Guiliani (not a conservative) or that other guy from Mass. Oh yeah, Romney. lol.

We have 2 years to go, and the press is already trying to shorten the road for Conservatives and enlarge it for liberals! Argghhh! Great post. Keep it up.

Z said...

Hunter Rocks. Many politicians have sered in the military, but the fact he joined the Rangers clearly demonstrates he did not do just the minimum service for his country.

When you find the official web site, PLEASE post it. I've been looking for it also.

He also has a great conservtive voting record, has spearheaded Imigration policies that keep us safer, and has still been able to get huge amounts of Democratic votes for 26 years. (Somtimes up to 70%!)

Anonymous said...

Duncan Hunter's position on trade with China is strong: Don't allow China an unfair tax and currency advantage with the U.S.A. Right now, China gives a 17% tax rebate to Chinese companies' exports, and charges 17% tax on U.S. imports, plus an artificially undervalued currency.

Hunter has stated his support for keeping Americans jobs here at home instead of sending them overseas. Main Street Americans know manufacturing jobs are important to a strong American future. American productivity is the highest in the world, and with proper tax policy, there's no reason to just "say goodby" to our manufacturing base.

Of course, Hunter has a strong position on illegal immigration, yet is well rounded in terms of overall issues important to Americans.

Duncan Hunter is the best choice for President in '08.

(In one of the latest polls 70% of Americans want control of illegal immigration, a good vote getting issue.)

jim said...

March 2, 2007

American stocks took a big hit this week, after a large drop in the Chinese stock market.

The day when China sneezes, and the United States catches cold, is the day Americans realize China controls our economy and our destiny.

Duncan Hunter knows this is against America's national interest.

Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone to research Hunter:
Duncan Hunter

Anonymous said...

Duncan Hunter is at present the best conservative candidate for president in '08. He is an honorable conservative with an impeccable voting record and carries NO BAGGAGE. Honest, forth coming and aknowledgeable. Served the Armed Forces Committee well and is the Republican Conservative of Conservatives. When you want honesty, great family values, care for humanity, Duncan Hunter is certainly head & shoulders above the crowd and does not straddle any fence--including the one he had built on the S. California border. Remember, Mr. Hunter wrote the existing bill to continue the border fence and has prioritized several locations includin Laredo/Nuevo Laredo on the Texas border.