Wednesday, January 10, 2007

News of the Day (January 10)

Annual trade deficit with Communist China breaks record, with one month still left: The imbalance between the U.S. and Communist China for 2006 hit $213.5 billion (Bloomberg). It was the second time the deficit with the Communist regime passed $200B (the 2005 figure was $202B - see sixth item), and we still haven't included the month of December yet. Meanwhile it doesn't look like things will improve in 2007 (Epoch Times and MSNBC).

More on Communist China and the United States: President Bush's special envoy for Sudan is in Beijing, trying to get Communist China to stop running interference for the butchers of Darfur (Washington Times). The Uighur American Association responds to the news of the Communist "raid" in East Turkestan (last item).

Olmert pleads with Communist China to rein in Iran, and gets nowhere: The Isreali Prime Minister asked his Communist counterpart "to reconsider the sanction policy against Iran" (Strategic Intel), explaining that "the financial trade between the two courtiers which amounts to some five billion dollars . . . (is) not worth the loss of stability in the Middle East." However, as one would expect , the cadres thought differently.

More on the Communists' Middle Eastern proxies: As more become aware of the need to confront the Beijing-backed mullahcracy (New York Post, and Washington Times), the U.S. takes action against a mullah-controlled bank (One Free Korea, Strategic Intel, and United Press Int'l via Washington Times). Powerline and Small Dead Animals take up the cause of Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi. Michael Rubin has the rest of the news from Tehran in National Review Online's The Corner. Syria tries dissidents (Washington Times). Hezbollah and al Qaeda are building their strength in Lebanon (Cybercast News and Strategic Intel), but apparently so is the United States (New York Sun).

South Korea's cave to Communist China ripped by China Freedom Blog Alliance Member One Free Korea.

More on Communist China's Korean colony: Is Stalinist North Korea preparing another nuclear test? The commander of the U.S. forces in South Korea thinks so (One Free Korea, Voice of America via Epoch Times, and Washington Times, h/t to Strategic Intel). Daily NK has two pieces showing both sides of the Stalinist regime's disconnect with the people of northern Korea. Meanwhile, One Free Korea covers the usual silliness from South Korea's doves (with an assist from Daily NK).

On matters inside Communist China: The cadres admit their ecological cleanup goals failed (BBC); the number of deaths in the Falun Gong war tops 200 (Epoch Times).

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