Wednesday, January 17, 2007

News of the Day (January 17)

Dick Morris says Duncan Hunter can win: The former Clinton advisor and current pundit says none of the "front-runners" will earn the Republican nomination: "I think that the Republican nominee is going to be one of these minor leaguers: [Tom] Tancredo, [Mike] Huckabee, [Sam] Brownback, [Jim] Gilmore from Virginia, Duncan Hunter from California" (Newsmax - emphasis added - UPDATE: Naturally, I don't agree with Morris' "minor leaguers" characterization).

More on Communist China and the United States: As the Communist military sets out to advance the interests of the regime (Chengming via Epoch Times), including into space (Bill Gertz, Washington Times), our military - the Air Force in particular - is suffering "pronounced" (Worldwide Standard) decay.

On Communist China in Canada: The Communists have perfected the double-standard technique in the Great White North. Free speech and cultural diversity are just fine when they are doing the talking (Between Heaven and Earth), but woe to anyone who suggests dissidents and their supporters should be allowed a voice (Daimnation).

Benedict XVI to examine strategy on Communist China: A slew of Communist-appointed "Catholic" bishops "without papal approval" (Agence France Presse via Brietbart) has led the pontiff "to convene a Vatican meeting soon to discuss the Roman Catholic church's strategy in China."

In Hong Kong, one country/one-and-a-half systems supports "one child" policy: The Communist-picked Hong Kong regime noticed several expectant mothers, "tempted by Hong Kong residency rights, the chance to dodge China's one-child policy, and higher standards of medical care" (BBC) were entering the city just before birth so that their children could experience partial freedom. The city regime will have none of that: "any pregnant woman coming from China without a hospital booking will be turned back at the border."

Communist China issues more boilerplate on its Korean colony: What sounded like some excellent diplomatic news was exposed as and old canard by One Free Korea - "They also called for full implementation of U.N. Resolutions against North Korea, which suggests that this is just noise. Neither China nor South Korea has taken compliance with 1695 or 1718 seriously."

More on Stalinist North Korea: U.S. and SNK negotiators hold talks in Germany (United Press Int'l via Washington Times). The Stalinist efforts to steal international food aid has led donors to stop giving, but the regime continues to steal from its own people (One Free Korea). Meanwhile, Shin Joo Hyun (Daily NK) has had enough of South Korea's dovish silliness (One Free Korea).

On Middle Eastern Proxy Number One (Iran): The American effort to get the mullahcracy out of Iraq wins some support in the region (Washington Post), and within Iraq itself (Worldwide Standard and Time, which rather cavalierly dismisses the support for the President's move by Iraqi Sunnis). Russia's missile delivery to the mullahs earns well-deserved Washington criticism (AFP via Breitbart and Strategic Intel). Nazanin Fatehi will not only live, but apparently she will soon be free (CTV). Strategic Intel ponders the beliefs of Mad Mouthpiece Mahmoud. Michael Rubin has the rest of the news from Iran (The Corner).

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