Friday, January 05, 2007

News of the Day (January 5)

Three Communist firms hit with U.S. sanctions for arms sales to Iran and Syria: The Bush Administration banned three regime-run firms from American business transactions for two years because of their military deals with the Communist-backed mullahcracy and its Syrian allies. The firms are "the Zibo Chemical Equipment Plant, which has been linked to chemical-weapons sales, the China National Aerotechnology Import Export Corp. and the China National Electrical Import and Export Co(mpany)" (Bill Gertz, Washington Times - emphasis added).

Mullahs found backing Shiite and Sunni terrorists in Iraq: Citing "captured Iranian documents," Newsmax reported that "the Quds Force — Iran’s elite revolutionary guard unit that supports Shiite Hezbollah and Shiite death squads — also supports individuals associated with al-Qaida in Iraq and the Sunni terror group Ansar al-Sunna" (h/t Strategic Intel). Does anyone still think liberating Iran won't be helpful?

Communist China arrests refugees from Stalinist North Korea and activists who helped them: Six refugees from the Stalinist regime - "two orphan boys, ages 16 and 17; a 22-year-old woman; and three women in their 40s" (One Free Korea) have been jailed, and face repatriation (which, as OFK noted, means "they are as good as dead on arrival"). Three activists with Liberation in North Korea (LiNK) were also arrested, but they have since been released. Meanwhile, one more refugee, South Korean abduction victim Choi Wook-il, in also hiding in Communist China (Daily NK and Washington Times).

More on Communist China's Korean colony: The Stalinist regime gins up a "march" to celebrate their nuclear test (Time) and sets the stage for another test (ABC News,, OFK), although South Korea's not so sure (United Press Int'l via Washington Times). Russia nearly wipes out the Stalinist regime's debt (UPI via Washington Times). On the commentary side, more naivete on the Stalinist regime comes from Lee Jong-Heon (UPI via Washington Times), while, Daily NK sees hope for the people of northern Korea (but Robert Marquand - Christian Science Monitor - does not). Meanwhile, South Korea's new dovish Foreign Minister insists everything with the U.S. is just fine (Washington Times).

Australia prepares uranium sales to Communist China amid criticism: Thanks to "an agreement earlier this year" (BBC), Australia is ready to start exporting uranium to Communist China is less than a month. The Australian Green Party is not waiting to pan the idea (AAP via Epoch Times).

Communist tire exports wrecking North American producers: Had this been Japanese, Indian, or other foreign firms taking comparative advantage, this wouldn't be a story. However, what with a deliberately devalued currency, lack of independent labor unions, and the prevalent use of slave labor, exports from Communist China have advantages no truly free market would allow (Globe and Mail).

Recipients of Communist liver "donations" have higher instances of Hepatitis: More than one in sixteen South Koreans who had liver transplants in Communist China "were infected with the hepatitis B or C virus (HCV or HBV)" (Epoch Times).

Nine Commentaries leads to an arrest: Bo Yufang is now in jail; the seventy-two year-old's "crime" was a possession of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party (Epoch Times).

Perhaps Kyoto supporters should consider the regime not covered by the treaty. Communist China

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